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What is Starpil Wax, really? Starpil Wax is the premier hair removal wax supplier in the country offering only the highest quality professional waxes for any budget. When you think of Starpil Wax Co., we want you to think of quality and accessibility. Whether you are a licensed esthetician with a salon full of clients, a student, or an at-home waxer, we want to make sure you’re using high-quality, professional waxes that will give you the best session possible.

Having been in business for 35 years, Starpil Wax USA has been around the salon a time or two. We regularly consult with our expert team of estheticians to make sure that our customers receive the best waxing products on the market.


As a subsidiary of the Maystar Group and sister brand to Nova Wax and Eva Pro Hair, Starpil is proud to be a part of a family of brands that emphasize the importance of quality of product and customer care.


We recognize that not every waxing client nor session is the same - and make sure we give you the most customized experience possible, we offer a wide range of waxing products, wax warmers, and waxing kits in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and sensitives so that you can find what’s right for you.

Starpil Wax is proud to be PETA certified and animal cruelty-free. This is part of our commitment to hold the highest ethical standards as the world's leading wax brand. It's important to us that when you think of wax companies with dependable, ethically-produced, and high-quality products, as well as great customer service, you think of Starpil Wax.


Starpil Wax originated in Tarragona, Spain, and has become one of the most reputable wax brands in the world.

Our company has a strong presence in the global market and is sold in over 65 countries. With over 30 years of experience in the beauty and skincare industries, Starpil boasts a premier product line of professional waxes, equipment, and accessories designed for licensed professionals.


Throughout our time in business, we’ve recognized the need for innovation and customization in the field, which is why we aim every day to come up with bigger and better products for our clients. From stripless hard wax to soft wax, to roll-on waxes, Starpil has the right product for you at the right price. Want to know even more about us?

Contact one of our Starpil customer service representatives today for answers to any questions you may have.


Since he was a child, Starpil Wax USA’s CEO and founder Saul Ortiz has always been fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to partnering with Starpil in 2007, Saul worked as a salesman for a variety of companies, where he learned the ins and outs of import and export trade.

As he began to build the Starpil brand in the US, he continued to innovate and embrace newfound marketing strategies to grow the brand. Now, Starpil continues to make its mark as America’s Favorite Wax and is known internationally for the highest-quality professional waxes.