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Pre and Post Waxing Care 

Starpil Pre and Post waxing care products are integral for completing a relaxing service for your clients and for keeping their skin looking and feeling its best before and after waxing.... 

Our pre and post-wax care collection is exactly what your clients need to make sure their skin is in its best condition before and after your service.

Our Pre Wax Care Gel is designed to cleanse, condition, and prepare the skin before waxing. The Post-Wax Care Oil is applied after waxing to flush and heal skin, removing any leftover wax. The Post-Wax Care Lotion is then applied to slow down further hair growth. Post-Wax Intensive Care Lotion speeds up skin PH level recovery and restores skin moisture levels. This helps relieve potential irritation and provides the utmost comfort for your clients.

All waxing lotions in this collection are formulated with their own unique properties and provide exceptional results. Beyond just our base collection, we also offer solutions for ingrowns and ways to give skin a little extra TLC post-wax.

Choose products to cleanse, condition, hydrate, reduce hair growth, and prevent ingrown hairs!


Pre wax care refers to both the cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing process your client should perform before arriving for their appointment, and the care you should provide immediately before providing your service.

Pre-wax care should be performed after showering the night before a service, where skin should be cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized to make for the best surface for waxing.

You should always use Starpil’s Pre-Wax Care Gel immediately before waxing clients to further this process and prepare skin for waxing.

Cleanse skin before waxing with Starpil’s Original Pre-Wax Gel. Sensitive skin types can also greatly benefit from our Starsoft and Calendula pre-wax care products. For tips on your best pre-wax care routine, check out the complete resources provided in “Why Using Pre & Post-Wax Care Products is a MUST!”.

Exfoliating the night before a wax appointment is very important to make sure that clients have the best surface possible for a comfortable wax service. Get the best tips for a pre-wax exfoliation routine in our complete guide.

Pre-Brazilian wax care is roughly the same as your regular pre-wax routine, but just make sure to take a little extra care with these delicate, intimate areas. Learn more about what a Brazilian wax entails in our “Bikini/Brazilian Wax Guide”.

Post-wax care refers to the soothing process immediately performed by an esthetician after waxing, as well as the care provided by the client to their own skin post-service. Estheticians should always use Starpil Post-Wax Lotion and Post-Wax Oil to moisturize, soothe, lock in hydration, and remove residue after waxing.

Clients should also use these products as well as Starpil’s Ingrown Hair Serum and Brazilian Waxing Mask to prevent ingrowns and give intimate areas some extra pampering after a service.

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