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Roll-On Wax

Thousands of estheticians and waxers like yourself trust our products to deliver quality results.

Starpil’s roll-on wax system is the ultimate ultra-hygenic, easy-to-use waxing system. This wax, originally patented by Starpil in 1991, eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and cuts waxing service times in half while yielding amazing results ...

Thousands of estheticians and waxers like yourself trust our products to deliver quality results.

This portable system allows users to not handle any wax directly and its single-use cartridge lets estheticians dispose of wax easily after every single client visit. This wax is applied at low temperatures for maximum client comfort and is ideal for speed waxing and removing hair from large areas like the legs, back, chest, and arms.

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Roll-on wax is a soft wax system that comes in single-use, portable, and easy to use cartridges that allow users to wax without any spatulas, or any mess - and in half the time of a regular waxing service! Roll-on wax cartridges are best used for large bodily areas.

To use a roll-on wax cartridge, first prep the skin with Starpil’s Pre Wax Gel. Then, once the cartridge is heated to the appropriate temperature, apply the roll on directly to the desired area of the skin at a 45 degree angle in the direction of the hair growth. Press the strip to the wax and smooth evenly before quickly removing it in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Only heat your roll-on wax cartridge using a roll-on wax warmer. Using a microwave or other method to heat up your roll-on wax can be dangerous and is not recommended.

Roll-on wax cartridges are not reusable or refillable and are meant to be disposed of following a waxing service.

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