• Stripless 10lb Blue Film Hard Wax Beads (Polymer Blend)

    Blue Film is Starpil's most popular formula!

    Fast cooling for speed waxing on large areas such as the back, arms, and legs, Blue Film is flexible and gentle enough for sensitive skin. Made for all-over use, this professional wax is trusted and loved for its effectiveness and reliability!

    It has a low melting point wax that grips hair firmly at the root to facilitate hair removal and delays future growth. Guaranteed!

     10lb, 4,536g/ 160oz 

  • Stripless 10lb Pink Film Hard Wax Beads (Polymer Blend)

    10lb of one of the must-haves! Starpil Pink Film hard wax beads are a creamy polymer-blend formula with great flexibility!

    Perfect for small and delicate areas like the face, underarms, and bikini area, Pink Film is highly effective and easy to apply. This low melting point hard wax grips hair firmly at the root which facilitates hair removal and delays future hair growth. Pink Film wax is loved for its gentle touch and picks up even the finest of hairs. It is suitable for all skin types and full body waxing.

    10lb/ 4,536g/ 160oz 

  • Starsoft Clear Hard Wax (2.2lb/1000g)

    Expertly crafted for hypersensitive and delicate skin, Starsoft clear wax is the epitome of luxury waxing and provides a flawless experience every time.

    The secret of Starsoft lies in its active natural principles that derived from Tamanu oil and other neurosensory ingredients, cares for skin, reduces pain, and helps it recover faster than traditional waxes. This hypoallergenic formula is also free of rosins, parabens, colorants, and fragrances.

    2.2lb/1000g/ 35oz 

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