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Best Hair Removal Wax Kits For Every Budget

Check out our collection of premium quality waxing kits. Starpil waxing kits are perfect for professional use & students. Made for every budget!

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Starpil hard waxes are made using high quality polymer, rosins and bees wax. Specifically formulated to be used without strips, facilitating the removal of hairs as short as 1 mm. Starpil stripless hard wax’s complexity also allows for a less painful experience when compared to strip wax.

Starpil Roll-on Wax


Starpil roll-on waxes apply to the skin quickly and efficiently with no messy dripping. The roll-on wax is formula composed of a powerful cutaneous re-generator. Starpil’s ideal formula helps prevent sagging while maintaining moisture and elasticity.

Starpil Soft Wax


The Starpil soft wax comes in a semi-liquid form, great for full body and facial areas. Just like the Starpil hard wax, Starpil’s soft wax is also formulated using the finest rosin and bees wax.

wax warmers

Wax Warmers

Starpil offers a wide range of wax warmers ranging from portable roll-on wax warmers, facial wax warmers, professional 1-10 LB wax warmers, and dual wax warmers all made for heavy duty quality and durability.

  • Stripless 10LB Blue Film Hard Wax Beads (Polymer Blend)

    Our most elastic Blue Film wax yet! Fast cooling for speed waxing on large areas such as the back, arms, and legs, Blue Film is gentle enough for sensitive skin and can be used for full body waxing.

    It is a highly effective and easily applicable low melting point wax that grips hair firmly at the root to facilitate hair removal and delay further growth.

    10 Lbs/ 2,268g/ 80oz Plastic Bag.

  • Stripless Blue Hard Wax Tablets (Original Blend) by Starpil

    Starpil's Original Blue hard wax formula is perfect for estheticians that prefer applying small wax strips at a time and can work well with waxes that set quickly.

    These premium hard wax tablets are recommended for speed waxers and people with thicker hair due to the wax's fast dry time after being melted. This allows for quicker applications and single strip removal. Suitable for all skin types and full body waxing.

    2.2lbs/1000g/35oz Bag

  • Blue Roll-On Wax by Starpil

    In 1991 Starpil invented and patented the revolutionary roll-on system! To this day, roll-on wax remains popular amongst licensed estheticians and students for its effectiveness and ease of use!

    Our Blue roll-on wax's unique composition contains soothing active ingredients such as azulene and is easy to use. This gentle formula is also suitable for all skin types and full body waxing. 

    110g/ 3.8oz Cartridge


Starpil Wax is a one-stop solution for all your waxing needs! Professional quality hair removal waxing kits, hard wax, soft wax, roll-on waxing systems, and all the must-have accessories are all within your reach.



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