The Waxopolitan

19 Jan, 21
Update Your Salon Intake Forms
  UPDATE YOUR SALON INTAKE FORMS FOR 2021 States across the country have only recently re-opened their wax salons. And even though there is still an air of uncertainty for the future of the industry, the likeliness of a COVID world continuing for...
15 Jan, 21
The Complete Guide to Buying a Waxing Kit
When building a professional waxing kit, we might think that we have it all figured out. But, for those just getting into the waxing business, or if it’s been a while since you bought a kit, here are some top tips to consider before diving into...
12 Jan, 21
Human Trafficking in the Beauty Industry
  Since it’s Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we at Starpil Wax wanted to take a moment to talk about it. According to human trafficking facts, the beauty industry isn’t invulnerable to it. And as our headquarters are located in Miami, Florida ...
08 Jan, 21
Latest Waxing Trends for 2021
 You might hear a lot about the latest trends for hair and makeup but find it rare to hear about waxing trends. Well, hold on to your spatulas because we’re not just going to talk about a new waxing trend or hype up some fly-by-night hair removal...
30 Dec, 20
New Year, New Business
  No matter what 2020 brought you or your waxing salon, there is no time like the present to put some new energy into your business. If you are someone who likes to keep their finger on the pulse of how they can improve, it’s always the right tim...
23 Dec, 20
Waxing Mature Skin
Younger people make up a substantial majority of waxing clients, but mastering waxing mature skin and marketing to an older clientele can be a significant benefit to your business. Many mature clients tend to be more loyal and have a more disposa...
18 Dec, 20
How to Have the Best Website for Your Waxing Salon in 2021
For some of us, the thought of building your own website can be overwhelming. Still, the importance of having a salon site should outweigh any apprehension toward creating one because it can be a big win for your waxing businesses. Some may think...
16 Dec, 20
How to Wax Men’s Facial Hair
  Men’s grooming in the waxing industry is consistently rising. As more and more men understand the value and convenience of having a professional take care of their facial hair, the more us esthies have to step up our game when it comes to men’s ...



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