The Waxopolitan

08 Nov, 19
FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A Look At Eyebrows Style Trends 2019
Now that we are approaching the end of the year and another decade, I must say 2019 was full of inspirational beauty industry surprises. There were some very shocking eyebrow fashion trends that took the world by storm. A major applause is in ord...
06 Nov, 19
  Black Friday is coming up so start your warmers, get set, ready, and go… Here at Starpil Wax, we want to help you with the CRAZIEST shopping day of the year so we came up with a few necessary prep steps to ease your shopping experience. Here ar...
01 Nov, 19
  Some might say waxing is a luxury while others might say it’s a necessity. We would like to think it’s both! Having smooth velvety skin that glows for weeks at a time is more of a blessing, don’t you think? So no wonder many highly sought after...
30 Oct, 19
WAXING 101: The Difference Between Hard and Soft wax
Wax is not all the same, as you know, different waxes serve different purposes. This is a FACT! No matter what wax you use the sole purpose of waxing, in the beauty industry, is to remove unwanted hair completely from its roots and to gently exfol...
25 Oct, 19
Rise & Shine VS Wake & Wax
Alright, the jig is up! Everyone is talking about the Kylie Jenner “Rise & Shine” song clip from her new YouTube office tour video and we are outraged. It’s insane how much the Kardashian family is publicized for every little thing that they ...
23 Oct, 19
Original Blend Wax VS Polymer Blend Wax
At the 2019 IECSC Florida 2019 event for spa & wellness professionals, we were asked some pretty good questions. There was one in particular that we feel we need to address because honestly, it’s a great one! Starpil Wax is all about being an...
16 Oct, 19
Starpil Wax Favorites: Do you know the difference?
Here at Starpil Wax, we create quality products that make your waxing life easier. But, with a variety of top-of-the-line waxes to choose from, how do you know what’s right for you? Well, we are here to help you understand the difference between ...
10 Oct, 19
Are you in the know with the NEW Bikini Trends?
In the beauty industry and just like any other industry it is imperative that you are clued up on all the hottest waxing trends. You have to know the latest beauty craze so you can accommodate your clients with those popular waxing requests witho...



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