The Waxopolitan

30 Oct, 20
Why is My Wax Tearing & Cracking?
There's nothing worse than buying a product, being pumped to try it for the first time, then experiencing difficulties. If you've ever purchased a Starpil Wax formula and wondered why my hard wax is breaking or why is my wax cracking; there are r...
28 Oct, 20
How to Use Hard Wax Like a Pro
Using stripless film hard wax is one of the most popular waxing mediums among estheticians. It works its magic by only attaching itself to the hair follicle but not the skin for a relatively pain-free waxing sesh that prolongs hair re-growth. Ano...
23 Oct, 20
What is Calendula?
When talking about new products that claim to be healing, nourishing, and hydrating, you might hear words like calendula flower or calendula oil or extract being thrown around. Are these more than buzzwords, or is there some validity in how calen...
21 Oct, 20
How to Calculate ROI for Your Waxing Business
If you’re an esthie who wants to learn how to start your own waxing business, you should go further in your studies or apprentice to learn the ins and outs of the business side of a wax salon. One of the first business rules is to explore your wa...
16 Oct, 20
What is Histamine Intolerance? - Waxing
What is Histamine Intolerance? Hey, Starpil Fam! We’re back with another discussion on a primary key in an esthetician’s life—histamine intolerance and the possibilities of an allergic reaction to waxing. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered o...
14 Oct, 20
How Starpil Can Help Kickstart Your Waxing Business
Here at Starpil, we live for when estheticians venture off to start their own waxing businesses. We understand that starting a new business is never easy and that you may need some help along the way. As a commitment to our customers, we strive t...
09 Oct, 20
Different Methods to Exfoliate Your Body Before Waxing
Regardless if you use the best wax available on the market, ingrown hairs and acne after waxing are harsh potentialities where hair removal is concerned. Whether you use the best soft wax soft or effective hard wax hair removal, these pesky waxin...
07 Oct, 20
How to Clean Your Wax Pot | Starpil Style
No matter what time of year it is, your wax room means different things to different clients. For some, it’s a place of refuge, for others, a place to check one more thing off the to-do list. Whether your wax room is a haven or a means to an end...



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