The Waxopolitan

24 Jan, 20
The Bachelor’s, Alexa Caves, Waxing Success
Our mission is to provide you with quality hair removal products along with tools and services to help you thrive as a professional esthetician. If you are succeeding in the world of wax, then we are fulfilling our purpose. It is always exciting ...
22 Jan, 20
The Solutions to Inconsistent Wax
Having some difficulty getting your wax to work? Let us help you out! Here are some reasons why your wax may not be performing properly and a few solutions so you can always have successful waxing sessions with our products. WAX WARMER What war...
17 Jan, 20
Q & A
Hey Starpilers! It’s that time again where we answer your burning questions which might help others in the world of wax. We want to make sure that you are thriving as a professional esthetician as we are your guide to success! Let’s get to it… Hi...
15 Jan, 20
New Esthie - Why Choose Starpil?
Hey you! Yes, you! The excited and eager recently licensed esthetician who is anxious to start their new career in the beauty industry. We believe that there is nothing that you can’t accomplish if you apply yourself! Along with your motivation, ...
10 Jan, 20
Why am I running out of wax?
Hey, esthie! Having a shortage of wax? Overbooked yourself but didn’t plan ahead? It happens! Sometimes you just get low on your wax. The thing is, you never have to feel unprepared again. Interested? With Starpil you can have access to unlimited...
08 Jan, 20
We want you to grow and succeed so we create products and tools to help guide you to be the best at your skill. With that being said, it brings us great excitement to introduce to you our newest addition to the polymer family. A new year and a ne...
03 Jan, 20
WAX: The Hard Truth
We live in an era where new brands pop up every month. It’s inevitable that when a brand has quality products, others want to emulate their effectiveness. These copycats attempt to recreate high-end products at low-costs which may result in low-g...
27 Dec, 19
Twenty Nineteen was filled with incredible moments that we are beyond thankful for! The amount of positive feedback that we have received from you all is overwhelming. The number of new Starpilers that have joined our team is incredible. The obs...



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