The Waxopolitan

10 Jul, 20
How to Create a Social Media Calendar for Your Wax Salon
Social media is something that a lot of us already do for fun and our business. But if you want to take your wax salon social media to the next level and attract more followers that convert into clients, posting regularly is part of the solution....
08 Jul, 20
How to Avoid Acne After Waxing
  Acne after waxing can be a constant struggle for some people. They may love a hair-free existence but might question whether it’s worth it or live in annoyed agony at the onset of unsightly and sometimes painful acne after waxing. Well, here's ...
03 Jul, 20
How to Use Hard Wax to Increase Sales
  What is hard wax to your services and your clients? Is it an art form, or a means to generate income? Or is it both? Have you ever wondered how to use wax to boost retail or service sales? In this article, we don't want to teach you how to use ...
01 Jul, 20
How to Acquire New Clients in the "New Normal”
The writing has been on the wall for a long time; the digital space is an unlimited resource for exposing your business to potential clients. In the “new normal,” some businesses are desperate to find new ways to draw in business to the point wh...
26 Jun, 20
Your Complete Guide to Roll-On Waxing
There has been a lot of curiosity about using roll-on wax in a personal or professional setting. Starpil Roll-On Wax is a convenient waxing method. It reduces mess, cross-contamination, and the need for spatulas or additional professional wax war...
24 Jun, 20
How to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Customers in the New Normal
In the new normal, reopening your salon will look a lot different than "business as usual." Many salons won't be able to book at full capacity, there will need to be more time between clients for sanitation, and you may find yourself spending mor...
19 Jun, 20
The Differences and Benefits Between Your Favorite Starpil Wax Formulas
Not all wax formulas are created equal, but each Starpil Wax product has its own special something that can benefit a specific skin, hair, and service type. If you can't decide which one is best for you, this guide can help. And even though there...
17 Jun, 20
Male Waxing: How to Market to Men
In a world of catering to a female clientele for spa treatments, male body waxing often takes a back seat. As the idea of a male full body wax catches on, how can we let our men know that we—and our soft strip wax are here for them? Father's Day ...



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