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Brazilian vs Bikini Wax

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As the colder months wind down and we get closer to summer and spring, the desire for a wax “down there” only increases. Thus the great Brazilian Wax vs. Bikini wax debate ensues between estheticians and wax enthusiasts alike. 

Don’t get us wrong, both treatments are highly-effective, versatile, and encouraged year-round…you just need to determine which one is right for you. In this article, Starpil will educate you on the ins and outs of Brazilian wax and bikini wax techniques, and how to become more comfortable with intimate treatments overall. 

What’s the best wax for a Brazilian & Bikini waxing?

The best waxes for Brazilian and bikini services need to be gentle on the skin and efficient to work with for a comfortable experience.

Starpil Wax’s Starsoft, Coral, and Rosin-Free Pink hard waxes are excellent choices for intimate waxing services that provide a great experience for both the client and the waxer.

Check out our hard wax collection and discover waxes that make intimate waxing easier than ever before.

What is a Brazilian wax?

To sum it up in one sentence, a Brazilian wax leaves you completely bare down there. Estheticians will remove hair from the upper thighs, pubic and buttocks areas — which, for women, consists of the bikini line, vaginal region, anus and beyond. 

This highly thorough hair removal technique ensures that not a single hair is left behind…unless you desire it, that is. Some opt for a landing strip, triangle, or square in the pubic mound, which adds personality to your grooming style.

Where did it originate?

As the name suggests, this waxing method is derived from the sandy beaches of Brazil, as it’s inspired by the country’s tiny swimsuits that leave nothing to the imagination. Therefore, women aimed for a full-service waxing solution that helps them feel hygienic, confident, and (ironically) fully-covered. And that’s exactly what they got with a Brazilian wax.

Of course, we also can’t forget about the J Sisters — a set of 7 Brazilian women credited with popularizing the question “What is a Brazilian wax?” in North America. They opened a Manhattan salon together in the late 1980s, and introduced the Brazilian wax several years later to incredible success. 

The people of New York City flocked to the J Sister’s salon. Besides the revolutionary hair removal treatment that had previously been seen as taboo, they also provided a warm and inviting environment. People felt more comfortable receiving intimate waxes with these experienced and empathetic pros behind the table, which is something Starpil emulates with every Brazilian waxing process.

Why should I get Brazilian wax?

Not only will your skin be 100% smooth after a Brazilian waxing treatment, but also gently exfoliated and exceptionally healthy. This technique will remove dead skin cells from the sensitive pubic and buttocks areas, allowing new tissue to be generated. 

The pores in these areas can easily get clogged and cause breakouts, which are only further irritated or inflamed when shaving at home. Opt for a Brazilian wax instead, ensuring that you practice the proper pre and post-wax care, and you’ll significantly reduce these blemishes. It’s also known to decrease hyperpigmentation! 

Furthermore, waxing stimulates collagen production, which helps to hydrate and strengthen your sensitive pubic area skin. A Brazilian wax isn’t just about looking great on the beach, but also keeping your skin down south feeling nourished and brand-new. As hair is removed from the root and new tissue grows, new strands will grow back thinner and weaker, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs and irritation for a long-term smoothness solution.

What is a Bikini wax?

The lower-maintenance cousin of a Brazilian wax, the Bikini wax has been women’s pre-beach vacation protocol for decades now. You can choose from two types — classic and full — to suit your grooming style and feel great about showing a little skin. 

A classic bikini wax removes hair along the sides (AKA, your bikini line) and atop the pubic mound, precisely where a set of bathing suit bottoms would sit on your skin. Meanwhile, a full bikini wax goes one step further and leaves the pubic mound completely bare. However, it does not remove hair from the vulva, anus, or butt crack like a Brazilian wax would.

Why should I get a bikini wax?

A bikini wax is the perfect solution for those who desire smooth skin down there, but also want to feel a bit more natural. Your esthetician will remove just enough hair to ensure that nothing pokes out of your swimsuit, don’t worry! However, they’ll also leave some behind to let you feel more comfortable and make the maintenance process less tricky.

Even if you don’t have a beach trip planned anytime soon, a bikini wax is also ideal for those who desire smoothness but prefer not to shave. It’s a much cleaner and more effective process that won’t leave you with ingrown hairs, which is the dream! 

Additionally, what is a bikini wax without a little glamour? Everybody from the queens of ancient Greece and Rome to the Hollywood starlets of the golden age reveled in this hair removal process. And you’ll feel as hygienic, smooth, and confident as your favorite A-listers with regular bikini waxes.

Brazilian Wax vs Bikini: Which is Right For Me?

When determining whether you’ll go down the Brazilian Wax vs. Bikini wax route, one thing to understand is that they share many core specs. Both techniques take around 25-40 minutes to complete, cost under $100, and deliver results that last around 3-4 weeks. Therefore, which wax you choose is entirely based on two things: your grooming preference and your pain tolerance. 

Don’t get us wrong, our Starpil experts practice all the best pre-and-post wax care to make the process as comfortable as possible. However, the sensitive skin in your pubic area is also subject to at least some level of discomfort. Those who opt for the Brazilian wax may experience more pain, as there’s much more hair to remove.

Additionally, the Brazilian requires between-wax maintenance in the form of daily moisturizing and twice-weekly exfoliation. Since the area is completely bare, you’ll want to keep your pores clear and effectively hydrate this delicate skin to guarantee maximum smoothness.  However, it’s a worthwhile price to pay if you’re looking for front-to-back smoothness! 

That being said, there are certain individuals who may find that a bikini wax is a better fit for their lifestyle. These include those with hypersensitive skin, waxing beginners, and low-maintenance groomers looking for a simple clean-up as opposed to complete hair removal. It’s also ideal for special occasions, such as vacations or date nights, but requires less upkeep over time. 

Apart from the hard waxes we mentioned above, Starpil’s soft wax collection offers effective strip waxes that are great for Brazilian and bikini wax services for those who prefer traditional strip waxes. It is important to note that roll-on wax should not be used for intimate waxing services.


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