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A Starpil Pro Partner is passionate about what they do. The products they use, emphasis on service, and the results they bring to their clients relfect the importance of quality and care in their business.

Creating original content is fun for you, and you've seen how it can positively impact your waxing business! You've gone on to showcasing your skill with the soical media world through educational and eye-catching video and media world through educatinal and eye-catching video and media content. Now, you're looking for the opportunity to create sponsored content alongside The Brand that Beleives in You, Starpil.

As a Starpil Pro Partner, you'll be invited to participate in campaigns that are handpicked for you based on your style and favorite Starpil products. We offer a whole list of perks and payment as a part of our team. This includes free product, additional discounts on top of wholesale pricing, a monthly bonus to your Esthie Bucks account, and so much more.


It's time to make some money, honey! You've go the content creation thing down, and now you have esthie eyes on you! Student and licensed esthies look to you for video education and stellar content. Being a Starpil Affiliate means having the opportunity to get paid while pursuing your passion.

Use your uniquie affiliate link in your bios, captions, adn description boxes to make a commission from each order placed through your link.



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