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Professional Waxing Kits 

Starpil’s professional waxing kits are made for licensed estheticians, students, and at-home users in need of waxing kits that will bring them the smoothest and most convenient waxing experience possible.


No matter if you’re looking for a hair waxing kit for yourself or for your whole salon, we have options for every need and budget.

We believe that a high-quality, professional waxing kit should never be out of reach for any of our clients. We offer a wide variety of wax warmer kits so that you can find one exactly made to fit your needs, whether you’re in search of a body wax kit or one specifically for more sensitive areas. With your waxing kit, you’ll be able to provide your clients or yourself with the finest hard, soft, and roll-on waxing products available.

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Facial Waxing Kit

From  $141.57

Standard Hard Wax Kit

From  $177.57

Double Hard Wax Warmer Kit

From  $253.17

Professional Large Hard Wax Warmer Kit - 5lb

From  $374.90

Premium Extra-Large Hard Wax Warmer Kit - 10lb

From  $491.67

Starter Hard Wax Kit (500mL)

From  $208.17

Starter Hard Wax Kit (800ml)

From  $217.17

Double Soft Wax Warmer Kit

From  $287.19

Professional Soft Waxing Kit (500ml)


Standard Roll-On Wax Kit

From  $260.90

Professional Double Roll-On Wax Kit

From  $369.90

Starsoft Hard Wax Bundle

From  $123.90
Out of stock

Calendula Hard Wax Kit

From  $230.67

Soft Wax Bundle

From  $121.77

Starsoft Clear Soft Strip Waxing Kit (Hypoallergenic/400ml)


Professional Soft Wax Kit

From  $209.88

Professional Triple Roll-On Wax Kit

From  $378.90

Starsoft Microbeads Hard Wax Kit

From  $224.37

Starsoft Tablets Hard Wax Kit

From  $221.67

Vegan Hard Wax Bundle - 2.2lb