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Waxing at Home | The Complete Beginner's Guide


Though we always recommend seeing a local professional for your waxing needs, let’s face it: sometimes you just don't have the time or money to visit the salon regularly, especially with the current economy. 

At Starpil, we get that at-home waxing is the solution for those with time or monetary constraints. That’s why we make our professional, high-quality waxing products and equipment available and accessible so that professionals and at-home users alike can have the best waxing experience.

Table of Contents

  • What is Waxing at Home? 
  • How to Wax At Home 
  • What Do I Need for Waxing at Home? 
  • Is Waxing at Home Safe? 
  • Is It Better to Wax or Shave at Home? 
  • Final Thoughts 
  • However, waxing at home involves more than just applying and removing wax, and it’s important to keep safety in mind when trying these methods. You’ll need to know how to perform a service properly, safely, and with the right techniques to get the best results possible.  

    Performing your waxing services correctly will ensure you stay safe and get amazing hair removal results. For everything you need to know about waxing at home, explore this complete guide to all things at-home hair removal.

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    Waxing at home might be a DIY avenue of hair removal, but it is safe, simple, and easy when following the proper process and taking safety precautions. Remember, practice makes perfect! 

     When waxing at home, it’s more important than ever to follow the instructions specified on your respective warmer and waxing products and to use the proper pre and post-care techniques to ensure your skin is in the best condition. 

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    Though we recommend seeing your esthetician for the best results with our products, Starpil still has your back for safe at-home waxing. If you don’t have a waxing set up yet, don’t worry! We’ll address how to find the right waxing kits later. Reference these steps to ensure you’re waxing properly and safely.


    Properly preparing your skin for waxing is the first step in any successful waxing at-home process. Exfoliate the night before your service and apply Starpil’s Pre-Wax Gel to the area you’re going to remove hair from before you start waxing. Once your skin is thoroughly exfoliated, moisturized, and hydrated, you’re ready to wax! 

    Remember, never wax skin that’s sunburned or otherwise already irritated. Additionally, do not wax areas where you’ve applied retinol, as this can cause skin lifting.


    Let your wax warmer heat your wax to the appropriate temperature specified on your system, and ensure you’re using a warmer made for your preferred wax type. 

    Your Starpil wax warmer will come equipped with all the parts needed for proper services and instructions for proper use. To start your process, plug your warmer in, turn it on, and set it to the highest temperature setting. 

    How to melt down wax in your warmer:

    If using a hard wax warmer, fill it halfway with your chosen hard wax and let it melt completely (around 15-20 minutes) with your lid on. Add more wax and stir consistently. Lower your warmer temperature to the working temperature indicated on your formula’s bag and put your lid back on. Allow the warmer to sit for a few minutes until it reaches its proper consistency. 

    How to apply & remove wax:

    Once your wax has reached the appropriate consistency, you’re in business. Dip your spatula into your wax, twirl your spatula to retain wax on its end, and remove. Continue to twirl your spatula to make your wax form a ball at the end, which indicates that you have the right consistency. 

    If your wax is too runny or solid, it’s too hot or cold. Additionally, always perform a test strip on your wrist to test the temperature before applying the wax to your application area.


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