Facial Waxing Kit (Hard Wax)

The convenient and compact Starpil Facial Waxing Kit is designed for students and licensed professionals. This waxing kit is ideal for small businesses and at-home practice!


- Facial Wax Warmer (4 oz Capacity)

- Your choice of Hard Wax
(Pink Film Beads, Blue Film Beads, Blue Film Tablets, OR Starsoft Tablets)

- 50 ct. of both 4.5-inch & 6-inch wooden spatulas

- Pre Depilatory Gel & Post Epil Oil Treatment Samples 

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    Selected :Facial Waxing Kit (Hard Wax)
    • Ideal for businesses, students, & professionals.
    • Includes the essentials for professional waxing.
    • No strips needed for wax removal.
    • Wax applied at low temperature.
      The Starpil European Facial Hard Wax Starpil Kit includes a Standard Facial Wax Warmer, 100 ct of both 4.5 & 6-inch Wooden Spatulas, and Pre & Post Treatment Samples! Simply choose your favorite hard wax:
    • Blue: Soothing wax for all skin types with azulene.
    • Green: Unique vegetable extracts composition, suitable for all skin types.
    • Natural: Great concentration of beeswax, ideal for facial areas, or full body.
    • RP Pink: Ideal for waxing large areas like back & legs. Great for dry skin.
    • Purple: Perfect for working with sensitive & large areas of the body.
    • Chocolate: Cocoa extracts, antioxidant properties, & creamy composition.
    • Place wax beads or tablets into a standard wax warmer.
    • Heat wax to 50°C/120°F to produce a honey-like texture.
    • Lower warmer temperature and wait ; approximately 25-30 min. for a 1/2 pot or 40-45 min. for a full pot
    • For best results, prepare your skin for waxing using Starpil prepil gel.
    • Test wax’s temperature on the wrist before application.
    • Apply wax in the direction of hair growth.
    • Leave to cool, then firmly peel off wax, pulling it back in the opposite direction of hair growth.
    • Finish by applying the Post Emulsion Oil for best results

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