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Facial Waxing Kit

The convenient and compact Facial Waxing Kit is a must-have if you do a lot of eyebrow waxing and other facial wax services.

Designed for students and licensed professionals, this facial waxing kit is ideal for small businesses and at-home use!

This Facial Hard Wax Kit Includes:

  • Your choice of Hard Wax
    Either Pink Film Beads, Blue Film Beads, Black Film Beads, or Blue Film Tablets, or Starsoft Clear Tablets.

  • Your choice of Pre & Post Wax Care Bundle
    Original (200mL variety), Starsoft, or Calendula
  • Your Facial Wax Warmer
    4oz. Capacity - Intended for Hard Wax Use

  • Wooden Spatulas
    50 ct. of both 4.5 & 6-inch wax spatulas


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