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Starsoft Wax

Starsoft Wax redefines how to approach waxing for sensitive skin. This hypoallergenic, pine rosin-free formula does not contain any perfumes, coloring agents, or preservatives.  

Made with neurosensory properties to ensure utmost comfort, Starsoft is perfect for clients with low pain tolerances or those with skin susceptible to inflammation, irritation, or ingrownsAdd Starsoft to your repertoire to create a luxury waxing experience for all clients, no matter what skin type. 


The Starsoft wax line uses a neurosensory formula that uses active ingredients like tamanu oil and Butylcyclohexanol, and Vitamin E to create a comfortable and effective waxing experience for clients of all skin types - especially those with hypersensitive skin.

Starsoft hard wax contains Butylcyclohexanol, which lessens waxing pain and leaves skin feeling nourished and soothed during the waxing experience. Starsoft hard wax combines effective waxing with unparalleled comfort to create the perfect wax for hypersensitive clients.

To use Starsoft hard wax, first, plug in your hard wax warmer and turn it on. Measure out your Starosft hard wax microbeads and set your warmer to its max temperature until the wax is fully melted (stirring occasionally). Lower your temperature to 60C and allow the wax to cool to a thick, honey-like texture. Perform a test strip on your wrist before prepping client skin using Starsoft Pre-Wax Gel.

Apply wax in the direction of hair growth and allow it to set. Hold skin taut and remove parallel to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Overall, the biggest difference between hard and soft wax is the method of application- hard wax is a stripless, more modern technique that requires no strips, and is loved by many for its ease of use and for attaching only to hair, not skin. Soft wax is a more traditional technique that requires strips for removal, is ideal for waxing large areas, and allows for its users to have a speedy waxing session.

When waxing sensitive skin, use only waxing products and pre and post-wax care formulated for this skin type, and take some extra care and time to ensure skin is kept safe and does not have any reactions. You can also learn more about everything you need to know about sensitive skin waxing in our blog regarding the topic.

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