Waxing 101: What’s the Difference Between Soft Wax and Hard Wax?

Wax is not all the same, as you know, different waxes serve different purposes. This is a FACT! No matter what wax you use the sole purpose of waxing, in the beauty industry, is to remove unwanted hair completely from its roots and to gently exfoliate the skin resulting in a radiant glow. Which wax you use to accomplish that purpose is completely up to you but it needs to leave your client hairless, satisfied, and silky smooth - so you need to do it right, with the right hard or soft wax!


The benefits of waxing are overwhelmingly positive, ask anyone, and the wax you use is extremely important to keep those expectations accurate. As a licensed esthetician, you are a wax specialist so you should fully understand all the ins & outs of hard or soft waxes. Knowing what is hard wax, what is soft wax used for, and the soft wax hair removal process are vital things to know in the wax game. The type of wax to use, the right temperature to use it at, and how to apply it at the right moment are all key to a perfect waxing session. With that being said there are differences between hard and soft wax and I am here to tell you what they are.

Soft Wax

traditionally been the go-to in the spa industry. It requires a strip to remove the hair and we recommend for it to be applied thinly on large areas. Just to be clear soft wax requires non-woven removal strips. Once the wax hardens, it is carefully but firmly pulled from the skin, taking the wax and the hair with it.

One of the main concerns people have when getting waxed with soft wax is the wax’s temperature when placed on the skin. Starpil soft waxes heat at low temperatures when used in our premium wax warmers, eliminating the concern of a client being burned. Soft waxes are considered more intense than the hard elastic film wax, but Starpil’s trusted soft wax formula is gentle on the skin. 


If you are a brow artist or see yourself doing a lot of facial waxing services, soft wax is definitely something you want to have.



Hard Wax

The name "hard wax" typically scares new waxers to believe that the waxing will be painful. However, contrary to these assumptions, hard wax is often the best choice for people that have sensitive skin. Hard wax is applied in a thicker layer and then hardens before its removed.


Unlike soft wax, hard wax is removed without a strip. The wax is rapidly removed off the skin, removing the hairs without sticking to the skin. Both our polymer and original-blend hard elastic film waxes are gentle on the skin and suitable for full-body waxing.


Some of our estheticians prefer using hard wax for more delicate areas such as the upper lip and intimate areas. If you’re wondering where to buy hard wax, look no further, our Pink Film hard wax is a no brainer and currently on sale! You’re welcome. 





So, what’s the right wax for you? In terms of whether to choose hard or soft wax, it depends on if you prefer to use strips or the stripless pulling technique. Many estheticians always have a hard wax and soft wax available to use to meet the needs of their clients. 




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