The Complete Guide to Starpil Wax Warmers

Starpil’s professional wax warmers are the most superior wax machines available on the market! They are the most trusted wax warmers in America and Europe for their quality and durability. Our wax warmers are also used by some of the most decorated specialists in the industry including Kelley Baker, Liz Lugo, and Chloé Amstutz.

If you recently purchased one of our warmers or are thinking about doing so, we know that you may have some questions about how to use them and maintain them in the most pristine condition possible. Take this article as a guide to help you get to know all of different wax warmers and their properties that make them unique. After reading this article, browse our wax warmer collection and get ready to make the switch. We have a wax warmer just for you.


The Lineup

Our premium wax warmer collection spans from our Standard Facial Wax Warmer that holds 125g/4oz of wax to our most heavy-duty unit, the Pro X-Large Wax Warmer that can hold a maximum of 10 lbs. of wax in its inner reservoir. Our best-selling model is the Pro Large 5.5-lb. Wax Warmer, every professional’s dream warmer. This unit continually regulates the wax inside producing a perfect honey-like consistency for each and every strip, resulting in a comfortable waxing experience for both you and your client.

Unlike most other wax warmers, Starpil warmers have adjustable heat dials with specific temperatures ranging from 45-105 degrees Celsius.


 Standard Facial Wax Warmer

With its simple-to-use instructions and compact size that holds 4 oz of wax at a time, this warmer is ideal for smaller areas such as facial and eyebrow waxing.


Starter Warmers

The latest warmers added to our star-studded collection are our Starter Warmers. Available in both a 400/500ml and 800ml size, these warmers have an additional rapid heating feature that cuts the time it takes to melt hard wax beads and tablets in half!

400/500ml:This starter wax warmer is great for waxing small to medium areas of the body. It can hold up to 400ml/14oz of loose wax and has a new rapid heat feature with 1-10 heat setting. It can be used to heat bulk hard wax tablets and beads or Starpil 500ml soft wax cans.

 800 ml: The 800 ml. Starter Warmer is great for waxing larger areas of the body. It has an aluminum hull and a new rapid heat feature with 1-10 heat setting. Can be used to heat 27oz of bulk hard wax tablets and beads or Starpil 800ml soft wax cans.


 Single Pro Can Wax Warmer

Our Single Pro Can Warmer is classic in style and can hold 500 ml. of wax. It is perfect for wax specialists that want a durable, yet easy to use wax warmer.


Professional Standard Wax Warmer

Work like a pro with our heavy-duty metal construction standard wax warmer. Great for melting hard wax and soft wax, this heavy-duty warmer is made entirely out of metal. It also has a rapid heat feature and comes with a removable wax tin. 


5.5 lb. Pro Large Wax Warmer

No introduction necessary, this is our best-selling wax warmer! The 5.5 lb. Pro Large Wax Warmer is every wax specialist’s dream warmer.


Pro Double Wax Warmer

Our Pro Double Wax Warmerhas two removable aluminum pots and lids that can each hold 1 pound of wax on each side. It also comes with removable tins for conveniently switching out different compositions and formulas of wax blends without having to clean the warmer! Double the capacity for your convenience. Also comes with rapid heat feature. 


500 ml. Double Pro Can Wax Warmer

For use with our 400 ml. & 500 ml. soft wax cans, this premium wax warmer is a must have if you regularly use soft wax for your sessions.


10 lb. Pro X-Large Wax Warmer

Our most heavy-duty unit is for the ultimate waxer. This warmer is for melting crazy amounts of hard wax at a time- 30 lbs. to be exact! If you run through your wax like its candy, this is the wax warmer for you.


 Not only do we offer standard hard wax warmers, but we also offer Roll-On Wax Warmers and wax cartridges in many different varieties.

 Standard Roll-On Warmer

Ideal appliance for use with our roll-on wax cartridges. Great starter unit for students or for personal use.

Cordless Single Roll-On Wax Warmer

The cordless Single Roll-On Wax Warmer is for those that don’t want to get held back by anything while at work; including a cord. This beautifully designed warmer is a great starter unit for students or personal use. The green light indicates the wax is ready and the red light indicates that the unit is turned on.

Cordless Pro Double Roll-On Wax Warmer

This product is ideal for use with our roll-on wax cartridges. It heats up to 2 cartridges at the same time and it comes in handy when you have back appointments booked. With this model, you will always have a roll cartridge ready for your clients.

Cordless Triple Pro Roll-On Wax Warmer

The ultimate roll-on wax warmer! This triple roll-on model heats up to 3 cartridges at the same time! If you’re booked all day long, this is the warmer for you.


Cleaning Your Wax Warmer

Starpil wax warmers are state of the art appliances made with the highest quality materials to ensure maximum durability. To clean out your wax warmer:


  1. Melt down the excess wax inside and carefully dispose of it.


  1. Next, allow your warmer to cool to a tolerable temperature and wipe the inside with either alcohol wipes or a cloth with isopropyl alcohol.


  1. Ensure your warmer is completely dry before plugging it again.


Regularly cleaning your wax warmer will maximize its longevity. Use caution if using non-Starpil waxes in your warmer as they tend to warm at a faster rate and can burn quickly. For hard to remove wax, we recommend using “Goo Gone” adhesive remover.






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