How to Clean Your Wax Pot (Starpil Style)

Being a licensed esthetician, you know that buying new waxing equipment for your business is an investment—whether you work from home, inside a waxing salon, or in your own shop.


Starpil doesn’t take this lightly, so we provide our community of “Esthies” with the best professional wax warmers online at affordable prices. Apart from great equipment, proper cleaning, smart safety measures, and regular maintenance are essential to getting the most out of your investment.


As for wax warmers, they are not difficult to maintain if you know how to. There are many different ways to clean your wax warmer so estheticians use the way that works best for them. Karisma Elizondo, one of our star Esthies, has an efficient, effective, and inexpensive way to ensure your wax warmers will look spotless every day and help extend their life span.


To begin cleaning your wax warmer, ensure the machine is on and turn the adjustable temperature dial all the way up. It is important to wear gloves before cleaning your wax pot to avoid making a mess and prevent the transfer of germs.


Let the excess wax get hot and begin melting. You want the edges and bottom of the unwanted wax to soften so that most of it can easily be scooped out at once.


* Pro tip: Melting the edges and bottom of the wax instead of melting all of it will facilitate the removal process as opposed to working with all liquid.


Turn down your wax warmer and using a large spatula, you’ll be able to take most of the wax out at once and dispose of it. The little bit of wax that is left can be wiped with dry paper towels. Some people use acetone to clean the inside of their wax pot, but it is not recommended.


* Pro tip: Use caution when wiping the inside of the machine with paper towels as the inside of the warmer will still be very hot. Use thick paper towels to get the job done faster.


Turn the temperature of the warmer back up (not all the way) to melt the remaining wax and carefully finish cleaning the inside with the paper towels. Once the visible wax is gone, turn the temperature down again.


Use your favorite oil to clean and remove any little bits of wax that may have been left behind and give your machine a fresh and clean scent.


* Inside Scoop: Starpil’s Post Epil Oil works wonders cleaning the inside and outside of your wax warmer. Aside from helping your skin hydrate and heal after a wax, it also works as a great cleaning aid to remove any leftover wax residue.


The only time the temperature is ever all the way up is at the very beginning to ensure that the wax begins to melt. When turning it down, typically stay between 55 and 70 degrees Celsius.


No matter which wax warmers you use to service your clients, using proper maintenance is vital to have a successful and profitable waxing business—a good professional esthetician always follows safety and hygienic procedures, while using the best products for their clients.


Watch Karisma demonstrate how to clean your wax warmer step by step in this video:


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