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How to Wax Men’s Facial Hair

 How to wax men's facial hair

Men’s grooming, face wax for men, and men’s facial waxing as a whole  is consistently rising. 

As more and more men understand the value and convenience of having a professional take care of their facial hair, the more esthies have to step up their game when it comes to men’s waxing services. 

Male body waxing offers its own challenges, as thicker, coarser hair often grows in more plentiful amounts on men’s bodies in comparison to women’s. Face wax for men is no different, and can even be more difficult to navigate and give the best results.

In this article, we’ll give you some top tips on how to wax facial hair for men and share how men can be some of the most loyal and lucrative clients. 

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Men’s Facial Waxing Services

Black hard wax used on man's face

Having the best face wax for men is important to make sure your male clients get complete hair removal with minimal irritation or ingrowns. Because the face is such a sensitive area with hard to reach, coarse hairs, having the best facial hair wax will let you get to every hair, every time. 

Black Film Hard Wax is known for its ability to remove even the thickest or coarsest hairs while being kind to the skin, making it a go-to for men's waxing services for the face. This hybrid formula combines crystalline and creamy properties to grip even the shortest or hard to reach face hairs. 

From a manzilian to chest and back waxing, men who love the convenience and results of smooth skin from a professional waxer can be some of your best and most consistent clients for the following reasons: 

  • They are either committed to or interested in learning more about their grooming habits.
  • They understand that if you want to have something done right, you have to see a pro.
  • They believe that time is money, and outsourcing their grooming to a pro can give them better and longer-lasting results than they can achieve themselves.
  • Once they get something right, they don’t want to have to deal with searching for something else regarding their grooming habits. 

What Does this Mean for You?

Male clients will keep coming back, and if they are already coming in for grooming, they are more open to a skincare routine than men who don’t see a professional for hair removal. 

This means that you need to be on point with your services, especially when doing face wax for men.

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What is the Best Face Wax for Men?

When choosing a face wax for men, there are a few differences and similarities compared to how to wax facial hair on a woman.  

Though men prefer clean lines on a brow and beard, many men prefer to still have a more rugged or natural look when it comes to beard and brow waxing. 

The similarities with waxing men from women are that men’s facial skin can still be sensitive, plus this area is more prone to acne and ingrown hairs since their pores are usually larger and hair thicker. 

When doing a male face wax, you not only have to consider their specific skin and hair type for the area you’re waxing but also need to work consciously toward preventing bacteria.  

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Men’s Beard Waxing

Beard Waxing

Calendula Hard Wax is extremely gentle on the skin and inhibits bacteria, especially when waxing men’s beards.

If you’re working with a man that prefers severely clean lines, it can be similar to waxing a woman’s eyebrows—manicured to the gods. But if you’re focusing more on grooming and sprucing, there are a few moves you’ll need to make so that their beard is looking more natural. 

Many men are just looking to clean up their beard line at the cheeks. To avoid a razor-sharp line, don’t get right up onto the beard line to leave a softer border from hair to cheek.

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How to Wax Finer Beards

Some men and teens have very fine hair on their beards, making them suitable for waxing. 

As many women know, full facial waxing can be intense, so we recommend using the best wax for sensitive skin.

Coral Wax

For sensitive skin or facial waxing, use our Coral Film Hard Wax, which grips and removes even the toughest hairs while detoxifying and moisturizing skin. 

You can also try our Starsoft Hard Wax, which reduces irritation, inflammation, and pain on sensitive or aged skin types. 

Lastly, those with breakout prone or skin exceptionally prone to ingrown hairs should check out Starpil’s Calendula Hard Wax, which santizes and soothes skin while providing complete facial hair removal. 

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Waxing Men’s Brows

Starpil Wax for Men's Eyebrow Waxing

Here we see Starsoft Hard Wax conquer a unibrow. This wax is excellent for thick hair and sensitive or dry skin types.

Giving a man a brow clean-up can be so satisfying for clients and estheticians alike! One second, their brows are a glob of hair that takes up their eye space, and the next, there is a defined brow space and an open eye area. 

A groomed brow on a man can not only make them look cleaner but younger too. If a man wants a thicker, but still manicured brow, work accordingly to clean up their look. However, if a man is only looking for grooming, focus on applying wax underneath the orbital bone, the outer areas of the tops and sides of the brows, and in-between the brows. 

If their brows are particularly thick, you might have to apply the wax higher up underneath the brows but be extremely mindful of not making it look too manicured. 

Need to go in closer to the brows, but have concerns about getting your lines a little too clean for the look your client wants? Take tweezers and remove every other hair on the line to give the illusion that they just woke up like this, instead of that clean salon look. 

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Final Thoughts

Blue hard wax for men's nose wax

Male face wax is an art materialized by what you don’t do, and the hair you leave behind. 

When performing men’s facial waxing, don’t be afraid to also recommend the proper pre and post-wax care products to your clients to keep their waxing results looking great. Let’s be real - a lot of men could use a better skin routine, anyway! 

Allow your clients to step up their grooming game and allow them to level up their look and skincare in the process. You could be the gateway to them stepping up their grooming game by giving them smoother and better skin than they’ve ever had before. Face wax for men isn’t just about getting amazing hair removal results - it’s about getting great skin, too!

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