How to Do a Manzilian Wax

26 Aug, 20

Back in the day, we called a man who was interested in grooming a “metrosexual.” These days, we just call it male grooming as it should be. And as the “trend” of a man taking care of himself grows in social acceptability, so does their willingness to get manscaped with a male bikini wax or Brazilian, dubbed the “manzilian.” Some of the manliest men have gone to their barbershops for a hot towel shave, or are aware of the benefits of facials, brow grooming and body waxing for men, so it’s no wonder that “down there” grooming isn't far off. We at Starpil Wax think that if women are woman enough to get a Brazilian Wax done, men can be man enough too. Here, we’ll go over a male Brazilian wax and give you tips on dispelling some of the myths about Brazilian waxing a man as well as how to educate your client, positioning, and the best after-wax care for repeat business. 


Similar to a traditional full Brazilian wax on a woman, a manzilian, brozilian or a guyzilian involves complete hair removal surrounding the upper thighs, pubic mound, genitalia, and butt crack. There is waxing around the bikini line with women; for men, a male bikini wax can be referred to as a brief wax if you’re trying to pander to a sensitive audience. More often than not, a Brazilian wax for guys will include leaving some hair on the pubic mound or a male landing strip.  



Just like women, many men are coming in for a manzilian wax because they’d rather have a professional do it instead of themselves. A male Brazilian can make one feel cleaner, fresher, and of course, find it looks and feels more attractive to their partner. As men’s hair can be even more thick and coarse when waxing private areas, it is more prone to ingrown hairs and acne after shaving, making getting a manzilian wax by a pro a far more superior method of hair removal. 

You can offer a manzilian wax, as apart of your men full body wax services complete with male bikini wax options.

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We’ll start by saying this; it can be uncomfortable being a woman (as most waxers are) offering male genital waxing. If you feel that this service type would create a threatening or extremely awkward situation for you, then, by all means, don’t offer it. But if you’re curious about providing the service, here are some of the things you’ll want to know.

Let’s just get this out of the way, a man might get an erection during a manzilian wax, but ripping out hair when waxing testicles can be the opposite of an aphrodisiac. A lot of men can get an erection because they’re nervous or for no reason at all. But, use your best judgment if you feel like they’re being a creepy jerk about it. If it happens and they’re embarrassed, reassure them in the same way you would when a woman passes gas. If it’s an issue, you can leave the room until they can get it under control.


All kinds of men get male genital waxing done. Gay, straight, businesspeople, athletes—the list could go on. 



Besides gender taboos and the difference in genitalia, the differences between women and men getting waxed come down to the individual. Perhaps we should ask what the differences are between a good and a meh client. You can’t always tell if a client is going to become a ride-or-die, if they’ll tip, buy product, or refer their friends to you. The best advice we have for you is to give the same excellent service, education, and product recommendations you would give to your female clients to your male clients as well.

Just as waxing private parts can differ from client to client, some men’s delicate areas can have a lot of excess skin, be wrinkled or, um, stiff. The trick is to know that most of your job is problem-solving no matter who you’re waxing. Each person holds a different threshold for pain, has different hair and skin types, or personalities. Approach each client according to those factors and work to figure out their concerns and needs, no matter what gender they identify as. 



When a client books for a male Brazilian, it’s essential to give them all of the information they need before arriving for their service from pre-wax care and what to expect to their aftercare so that they can plan ahead. 

Here is a list of FAQs that you’re going to want to provide someone before their manzilian wax. 

How long does a manzilian wax last?

Each individual’s hair growth is different, but a manzilian should stay flawless for two weeks. The average time between waxing is between four to six weeks.


How long does hair need to be for a manzilian wax?

For best results, hair needs to be ¼ of an inch or longer.


Does a Brazilian wax for guys hurt?

Depending on your pain threshold, male waxing can hurt for some more than others. The first time can be more uncomfortable than the next time, but it gets easier when you schedule regular visits and stay away from shaving. It’s recommended to avoid excessive caffeine or alcohol before your appointment and take an anti-inflammatory (like an Ibuprofen) an hour before you arrive. It’s never as bad as you think it will be.


What is proper etiquette when receiving a manzilian?

It begins with removing your clothes to avoid getting any wax on them and for full access to the work. You will receive a towel for modesty and to help keep parts out of the way and the skin taut. The area will be cleansed and prepared using Starpil Pre-Wax Care Gel to proceed with the waxing. You’re then provided with an after-wax care treatment of Starpil Post-Wax Care Oil and Post-Wax Care Lotion. It’s recommended to purchase Post-Wax Care Intensive Lotion, Ingrown Hair Serum and the Starpil Brazilian Waxing Mask for at-home care to speed healing, avoid ingrown hairs and acne after waxing, and to keep hair in the best shape for future appointments.

What happens if I get aroused during my treatment?

It happens all the time, and sometimes it can help make the skin taut for a better waxing experience, so no need to be embarrassed. However, if a technician finds someone mistaking the service as a sexual situation, or not complying with what your provider needs you to do to provide the service, they have the right to refuse service. Aside from that, just breathe, try to relax, and avoid clenching the body so that the hair is easier to remove, and it’ll be all good.


How long does a manzilian wax take?

The length of your service is dependent on hair thickness, density, and the area it covers. Overall, a Brazilian wax for guys can take between 40 minutes to an hour to complete.


What do I need to know before my service?

Please come freshly showered, free from lotions or oils, and in loose-fitting clothes made from cotton materials. Exfoliate the area the day before and be sure to have the hair be at least as long as a grain of rice. Don’t worry about trimming.

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Here’s all the nitty-gritty on doing a male Brazilian wax.


Skin prepping for a manzilian

If your client’s groin area and hair are extremely dry, apply Starpil Post-Wax Care Oil to soften hair to avoid breakage and to bring the skin back to center. Then, use the Pre-Wax Care Gel to cleanse and disinfect. Any pre or after-wax care from the Starpil Starsoft Collection will help relieve pain and provide the gentlest experience for your client.


Use the best wax for a manzilian.

Using hard wax vs. soft wax for a manzilian is all about what you’re comfortable working with in your waxing kit, but we prefer Starpil Black Hard Wax. It’s incredibly gentle but a great hair removal wax for men because it’s strong enough for thicker, coarser hair while being precise at getting the fine hairs growing in the most sensitive spots. Of course, Starsoft Clear Stripless Hard Wax or Starsoft Clear Strip Wax, and Starpil Pink Hard Wax are all going to provide the grit needed to get hair at the root gently, but Starsoft wax formulas have the neurosensory properties to reduce pain when doing a brozilian.

How to position a man for a Brazilian Wax

A client needs to be more involved with their manzilian wax than a woman with their service as men have to keep their bits in check and taut during their appointment. It’s up to you to be as communicative as possible about how your client should be moving to provide you the best access to the areas you need to focus on.


Start from the back

It’s best to work from the back to the front and from the inside outward. For complete access to their butt crack and depending on your dominant hand (right-handed/left side, left-handed/right side), it’s recommended to have them lay on their right or left side with their head at the top of the waxing table facing away from you. Ask the client to pull their outer leg into their stomach. Have them hold the outer buttock up and open for complete access while holding their testicles taut with their bottom hand. This is one of the most comfortable positions for the client while being the most accessible for you. 


Move to the front

Have your client lie down with the soles of their feet together in a butterfly position for complete access. You can also have them open their soles more apart if needed. 


Waxing testicles

For some, the scrotum’s skin can be very thin and can be pulled taut without injury. Be mindful to apply as little pressure as possible on the testicles. Have them hold their shaft with the towel. Outstretch the skin and apply the wax in long, narrow strips for the best control over application and removal.  

Waxing the shaft

The base of the shaft is where the hair would be leading into the testicles. The direction of hair growth can be varied, just take your time and have the client cover what they can wit the towel for modesty and keep themselves stationary.


Waxing the pubic mound

Have the client hold their penis downward to allow access to the area to create a male landing strip.


After-wax care

Remind your client that shaving is a big no-no if they want to keep minimizing their hair growth through repeat visits. Explain to them how it can increase their chances of ingrown hairs and acne after waxing. Share the benefits of the Starpil Brazilian Waxing Mask with them and offer to apply it to them as an after-wax care treatment and to use one for at-home use. Include education on the Starpil Ingrown Hair Serum and the Post-Wax Intensive Care Lotion. Include all of the information you would share with a female Brazilian waxing client about avoiding the gym for a day or any other bacteria-promoting activities.



To recap, only offer this service if you feel comfortable. Many esthies cater to men and find them to be loyal, respectful clients. So, if you’re open, feel free to challenge your preconceived notions and provide the male Brazilian wax. Now, let’s ask the audience: Do you or would you consider taking on manzilian waxing as a service? What tips and tricks could you offer newbies to make their lives easier when approaching this “risqué” service as a manzilian wax so that it’s not risqué anymore? If you found this article helpful, give it a share and join the conversation in our Facebook group The World of Waxing


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