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What Are the Do's & Dont's of Post Wax Care?

What Are the Do's & Dont's of Post Wax Care?

As an esthetician, we know that waxing alone isn’t the entire job — post-wax care is JUST as important as waxing itself. There are key steps to take after a waxing service to meet your client’s needs. 

Today we’ll discuss the steps you can take to exceed client expectations and keep their skin healthy, happy, and hairless!

Why is post-wax care important?

Two words: prevention & maintenance

When you wax a body part, yes, the hair will grow back thinner and less frequently, but will you cause the client an ingrown hair? If so, how many? Will your client show scraggly growth because they didn’t maintain their wax job? Will they shave in between appointments? The answer to each of these questions is: YOU JUST DON’T KNOW! 

Discussing aftercare with your clients will have you both on the same page, and that is why post-wax care is important.

The DO’S 

  1. Exfoliation: Exfoliating is a must! An ingrown hair after waxing occurs when the hair never breaks the skin's surface as it grows or does come out of the skin but then grows back into the skin. 

Advise clients to use an exfoliating glove, scrub, or another tool to exfoliate 24-hours (minimum) before and after each waxing service to help prevent those pesky ingrown hairs!

  1. Starpil Hair Puller: Made with natural ingredients, this post-wax spray contains urea and salicylic acid that release trapped ingrown hairs and helps prevent future ones. Our Hair Puller is great for reducing blotchiness and irritation. It is a great client take-home product for clients to use 24-hours after their waxing service.


    1. Moisturize: Suggest clients to moisturize the skin, but just like with exfoliating and using the hair puller, have clients wait at least 24 hours and before using our soothing post-wax Acid Cream. It’s important to bring life back into the skin by moisturizing, but you want to prevent from clogging the pores or exposing the skin to fragrances and chemicals too soon.

  1. Loose clothing: Recommend your clients to wear loose-fitting clothing the day of, and the day after their wax. The pores will be open, and the skin sensitive. Comfortable clothes are the way to go to keep the skin protected until at least a day post-wax.



  1. Exfoliate immediately after waxing, as the skin is sensitive.

  1. Apply fragrances/lotions immediately after waxing, as you may clog the pores and expose them to harsh chemicals too soon.

  1. Wear clothing that is snug or too tight for at least 24 hours, as this may irritate the skin.

  1. Expose yourself to the sun, exercise or do other over-exerting activities for at least 24 hours, as sweating can clog your freshly open pores.
  1. Swimming in the pool or beach, as chlorine and salt-water can be harsh on your client’s freshly waxed skin.

  1. Schedule a chemical peel for at least 72 hours, as the first superficial layer of skin has already been removed and this may be harmful to your client’s skin.

And that’s post-waxing care 101!

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