Original Intensive Post-Wax Cream (Small - 200ml)

Post-wax soothing cream is an understatement when using Original Intensive Post-Wax Cream. This highly absorbable after-wax cream dulls pain and helps regenerate cells to speed-up the recovery after waxing.

Say goodbye to redness, swelling, and irritation as this luxurious after-wax cream infuses blankets skin with a calming blend of beeswax, oat extract, and olive oil to comfort skin and balance moisture. At the same time, cooling menthol, vitamins, and minerals bring skin back to life while resurfacing ingredients and powerful antioxidants gently dissolve bacteria, excess oil, and debris to protect skin as it restores itself.

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        Selected :Original Intensive Post-Wax Cream (Small - 200ml)
        • Quick & easy application
        • Boosts skin PH level recovery
        • Reduces potential irritation
        • 500g / 16.9oz bottle
        • Post Epil Oil by Starpil
        The Post Epil Acid Cream is applied after waxing to speed up skin PH level recovery and reduce irritation.

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