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Complete Bikini/Brazilian Waxing Guide

Complete Bikini/Brazilian Waxing Guide

Bikini/Brazilian Waxing Guide

Bikini line and Brazilian Waxing can be awkward for first-time clients or new professional wax artists. If you're new to intimate waxing as a client, pro or a seasoned specialist, the following guide can offer some great tips on all-things bikini and Brazilian waxing. From how to educate your clients and new employees, to seeing these service types from a Starpil Wax perspective, there is always something new to learn. In this Bikini and Brazilian Waxing Guide, we'll talk about the differences between intimate waxing services, using stripless hard wax or strip wax for intimate waxing, how to move your client, and how to give good after-wax care advice to avoid ingrowns and acne after waxing.

What is a Bikini or Brazilian Wax?

Bikini and Brazilian waxing involves hair removal around the bikini line, vulva and vaginal areas, butt crack, buttocks and anus. We will use the correct terminology when necessary and help to acclimate the new intimate waxer to letting your inhibitions down.


Bikini vs Brazilian Wax 

There are different types of Bikini and Brazilian waxing services and it’s wise to be as specific with your client about which one they’re getting throughout your interaction with them.


  • A Classic Bikini Wax
  • Involves only the hair outside of the bikini line being removed. People prefer this method when wearing modest one-pieces or to create space between the vulva and inner thighs.

  • Full Bikini Wax
  • It includes a classic bikini wax but also removes all of the hair from the pubic mound. This service is ideal for those who love to wear low-rise, teeny-weenie bikinis.

  • Brazilian Wax
  • A classic Brazilian is the complete removal of hair from the vulva and labia to the butt crack, bikini line, and buttocks. A traditional Brazilian leaves a patch of hair in a desired shape or landing strip, but a full Brazilian wax removes every hair from the entire nether region. 

    Bikini and Brazilian wax timing:

    If the actual service itself takes fifteen minutes, the entire appointment should be booked-out for a minimum of thirty minutes. Timing should include a consultation, the service itself and after-wax care education to reduce ingrowns and acne after waxing.

    The pre and post care education will be shorter for repeat intimate waxing clients but a little longer for those who are new to it. If your client’s hair is too long, you may need time to trim it.


    Don't be shy during intimate waxing:

    The first step to successful intimate waxing is to leave your shyness at the door so that you can "get all up in there" with confidence and know-how. First-time clients may be just as shy as new waxers, but it's up to us as the pros to override any intimidation with a "don't worry, I've got you" attitude to put your clients at ease. 

    Educating your clients on intimate waxing:

    Even if your client has had these services done repeatedly, always remember that there is still something new to learn. From the moment your client books, they should receive a proper education.

    This info could be in blog-form, in an automated email, or text for anyone who books. You can save so much time during the consultation part of your service if you already have exchanged this information beforehand digitally, plus it ups your SEO (searchability) on your website for intimate waxing services.

    Bikini Mask - Starpil

    Your client education should include everything your client needs to do before they arrive at their service, and why. Clients should have access to Brazilian wax after care products they can purchase online before their appointment to reduce ingrowns and acne after waxing.

    READ this for everything you need to know on How to Avoid Acne After Waxing


    Top Pre-Brazilian Wax Tips: 


    • Don't get these services done right before, during, or after a period. The pain threshold goes way down, before and after a period. Not waxing during a period should be self-explanatory, but mention it anyway.
    • Exfoliate at least 24-hours before an intimate waxing appointment to slough off dry skin and to lift hairs.
    • Come wearing loose-fitting clothing made of 100% cotton.

     Take an Ibuprofen, pain suppressant or anti-inflammatory an hour before your service.

    • Do not drink alcohol before intimate waxing because it thins the blood and increases the possibility of lesions. 
    • Hair should be ¼ of an inch long (the size of a grain of rice). If hairs are too long, it hurts more. Short hair is harder to remove. 
    • Do not practice hair removal at home if you wish to continue with intimate waxing. If some hairs grow back sooner than others, leave them be so that all hair can get onto the same growth and removal cycle.


    For more prep advice, READ: Don't Go to the Wax Salon without These Tips


    How to prepare to give a bikini/Brazilian wax:

    If your client fills out an online intake form, be sure that you have already looked at it, prepped your salon supplies and properly warmed the correct wax according to their skin and hair types in your professional wax warmer. If you're new to waxing, stick to the Starpil Wax type that you're most comfortable with.

    If you are more familiar with stripless hard wax, use the one according to skin type within your range of hard waxes and do the same if using strip wax. Make sure your hands are clean, and you are wearing fresh gloves. 

    When your client arrives for their appointment:

    Once your client sits down on the waxing bed, reiterate all of the information mentioned online or in a text and explain what's going to happen. Confirm exactly what hair they want to be removed, even if previously specified.

    Do not merely suggest using a wipe before the service; it should be mandatory for them to cleanse the entire nether region (even if they’ve just showered) to remove any sweat that may have accumulated on their commute as it can alter their results. Leave the room to let them disrobe to put on the proper attire for their service, if any.


    How to position your client for Brazilian waxing:

    Always move your client's body to suit your needs so that you're not bending awkwardly to reach hair. You want to position your clients to give yourself the best access to your client's hair and for minimal discomfort. 

    The least painful way to do intimate waxing is to go from back to front. The least sensitive areas are usually near the thighs and deeper within the vulva or butt crack. Save the pubic mound for last as that's generally the most painful spot. 


    Business in the back:

    Clients should be turned on to the side right or left side with their head at the top of the waxing table facing toward you depending on your dominant hand (right-handed/right side, left-handed/left side).

    Have all of your salon supplies or wax trolley on the same side as your dominant hand for quick access. Have the client pull their outer leg into their stomach while holding the outer buttock up and open for complete access. This is one of the most comfortable positions for the client while being the most accessible for you. 


    Party in the front:

    Have your client lie down with the soles of their feet together in a butterfly position for complete access. They can adjust their legs so that they remain in the original position while the other leg hangs off the waxing table to the side if the first position is too strenuous for them.

    You can also have them open their soles more apart if needed. Adjust the waxing bed for pregnant clients to keep their hearts above the fetus/baby.


    Proper Brazilian waxing pressure:

    If you're the one feeling shy about pressure, trust me, all of the no-no, hush-hush timidness should be put into the background because even the most modest person will want extra pressure applied if it means alleviating pain.

    The right pressure helps to spread the wax and hold the skin taught evenly especially near the pubic mound where hair is usually the thickest and the skin the least pliable. 


    Applying Wax for a Bikini or Brazilian Wax Service:

    Many people find that the wax grabs the hair better if applied and pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Whether you’re using hard wax vs. soft wax for your intimate wax, use minimal strokes to apply your wax and never use the same waxing spatula back into the wax warmer after it has touched the client.

    If you’re using strip wax over hard wax, be sure to firmly go over the removal strip with pressure before removal. 

    For more application tips from Starpil Wax. WATCH: How to Start A Spa Business: Brazilian Wax Tips

    Extra Brazilian Wax Tips:

    • Keep your Brazilian wax the same each time. Since this is such an intimate service and takes a little time and practice, always try to keep it as a carbon copy of the last one. 
    • Keep learning; there are always advances being made in the field of waxing, and the more you learn, the more you will have to offer your clients.


    How to Do a Brazilian Wax 

    For a visual representation of how to do a Brazilian wax service, click here to watch this demonstration by licensed esthetician, Heather Alton.

    Final Thoughts:

    Intimate waxing is...well, intimate. Keep confident and lead the service so that the client feels supported. For seasoned waxers, what was intimate waxing like for you when you first started vs now? What other tips have you learned along the way for bikini and Brazilian wax services? Feel free to share in the comments below!



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