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Different Methods to Exfoliate Your Body Before Waxing

Different Methods to Exfoliate Your Body Before Waxing

Different Methods to Exfoliate Your Body Before Waxing

Regardless if you use the best wax available in the market, ingrown hairs are a harsh reality we cannot escape. Hair removal techniques don’t matter when it comes to ingrown hairs. Epilation, shaving, soft waxing, and hard wax hair removals all tend to contribute to the misery of ingrown hair. Some methods are worse for ingrown hairs than others, but at the end of the day, you can’t avoid them. The accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface of the body only makes it worse.

So what do we do to get our skin back to healthy and spotless?


Yes, the answer seems to be simple, but exfoliation is the very first of the remedies for eliminating ingrown hairs. If you are not sure how to exfoliate your face and body, we will discuss some of the methods to try. But before we start, don’t presume this is a seasonal process; exfoliating all year round has amazing benefits for the skin.


Methods To Exfoliate Your Body

Gloves: Using an exfoliating glove is the most popular method of dealing with the ingrown hair problem. Efficient in its purpose, these gloves also remove the dead skin off the surface. Rubbing gently on the skin once in every 2-3 days can work wonders for your skin.

Scrubs: There are body scrubs meant to do the exfoliating job for minor inner hair growth. If your skin only shows some black dots and not entirely grown hairs beneath a layer of skin, then scrubs are for you. They are light exfoliators which tend to prevent the inner hair growth to go deeper. You can either use it daily or once every two days.

Loofahs and Sea Sponges: Loofahs and sea sponges are preferred for exfoliating your back and are precisely known as back scrubbers. This is popular amongst men and women who are both vulnerable to back acne and ingrown hairs. Light exfoliators can assist you in scrubbing off the dead skin and dealing with inner hair growth if used frequently.

Chemical Exfoliators: If you are facing intense ingrown hair issues and no other method is working for you, then we recommend you use chemical exfoliators. These products are infused with salicylic acid or alpha-hydroxy acids which target the dead skin cells and dissolve them. It may make your skin a bit dry, which you can use moisturizers to combat.


    Methods to Exfoliate Your Face

    Scrubs: Facial scrubs have always helped us get rid of the dead skin cells making the skin appear fresh, light, and healthy. Although ingrown hairs are less commonly found on the face, it is advised to scrub it before you go for waxing. If you are planning on using a face wax kit at home, make sure to order a scrub or exfoliation oils!

    Brushes: Brushes for facial cleaning are highly popular choice when it comes to exfoliation. Try using a good brush if you have acne or other breakouts on your skin. You can get away with a solid brush for cheap all over the internet!


      We strongly recommend exfoliation, especially during the week before your waxing day. You can also try Starpil Hair Puller, a spray that helps prevent ingrown hairs when applied before 24 hours of waxing.



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