Are you in the know with the NEW Bikini Trends?

Are you in the know with the NEW Bikini Trends?

Starpil Wax: Are you in the know with the NEW Bikini Trends?

In the beauty industry and just like any other industry it is imperative that you are clued up on all the hottest waxing trends. You have to know the latest beauty craze so you can accommodate your clients with those popular waxing requests without question. As a successful professional, it is only to your benefit to know exactly what they want so you can perform the new “IT” service in full confidence with a breeze!

To be a badass esthetician, it’s a no brainer that you need to know the latest…

  • Bikini wax styles, bikini wax shapes, bikini wax designs, bikini line shapes, Brazilian wax styles, as well as the different bikini wax styles & the different types of bikini wax shapes. PERIOD. I know it’s a lot but you got this!

    With that being said, times have changed and the bold women of today are getting creative with their lady parts. Things are getting wild with how to remove hair down there. Also, nowadays women are more confident, empowered, and flaunting their fit bodies more than ever. A woman's privates have now become an art canvas, seriously!

    Obviously, as a pro, you're familiar with the Brazilian wax styles, Landing Strip, & Straight Bikini line shapes. No sweat there, BUT have you heard of these fly bikini wax trends?

    Let’s discuss the different bikini wax styles:

    The Diamond:

    Starpil Wax diamond bikini wax

    This bikini wax removes hair off some top, sides, and all the way under but leaves a neat triangle shape right in the middle of your client's netherlands. Think Madonna “Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend” but geared to their private bits so make sure that diamond cut is clean. It’s all about precision but you know this!

    The Heart:

    Starpil Wax bikini wax heart

    This sought-after bikini wax removes all pubic hair on back, sides, and high up top but leaves a loving heart-shaped patch mid-center of the down-there region. It’s done with a stencil and a lot of accuracy. Love is definitely in the air with a bikini wax request like this, but no pressure just relax and go slow to achieve this tricky design properly.

    The Monogram:

    Starpil Wax bikini wax monogram

    This bikini wax removes hair from the sides, under and some top leaving your client with motif patchwork done in sticker pattern, design, or letters. This is a difficult, not to mention time-consuming process, but the results will leave them with a designer hoo-ha that they will ADORE. Customers tend to ask for brands like Gucci, LV, or FENDI along with their significant others’ initials. It all about professing love to a brand or a person that seems to be sending universal shock waves through the waxing community.

    The Vajazzle:

    Starpil Wax bikini wax vagazzle


    This is the HOTTEST bikini wax trend right now! It’s a full hairless Brazilian with a flashy twist. Your client can get their lady-bits bedazzled in Swarovski Crystals or glitter with designs within reach. Typically if done right the jewels/glitter stay on for about 3-7 days depending on how often they shower & swim. Bedazzled “Vagines” are all the rage right now. Cue Zoolander - Vajazzle “So Hot Right Now”!

    We highly recommend using our popular Pink Film hard wax beads for your bikini wax styles, bikini wax shapes, and bikini wax designs if you are using the stripless technique.

    Our Starsoft clear hard wax is great if you have clients that are sensitive to certain waxes as this wax’s hypoallergenic formula is free of rosins, parabens, colorants, and fragrances. Also, it’s clear which makes it easy to apply the wax exactly where you want it and maneuver through the area effortlessly.

    Both the Pink Film & Starsoft are amazing products but it just depends if you want to use the woven strips or the stripless method with your client.

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to assist in choosing the best product for your bikini wax styles.

    Wax on!



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