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Superstar Spa Package

The Superstar Spa Package includes:

  • 3 bags of your choice of 10lb Blue or Pink Film hard wax beads - that’s 30lbs of wax!
  • Your warmer: Pro Large Wax Warmer 
  • This package also includes:
    • 1 Pre-Depilatory Gel
    • 1 Post Epil Oil
    • 1 Post Emulsion
    • 1 Post Epil Acid Cream
    • 200 of both 4.5-inch and 6-inch disposable wooden spatulas
    • 12 Hair Puller sprays to prevent ingrown hairs
    • 24  Bikini Masks to help soothe intimate areas post-wax
    • Spa bed
    • Angled Wooden Brow Spatula (Double-Sided) 100 pack
    • Flat-Rounded Wooden Waxing Applicator 100 pack

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