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Kit de cera roll-on duplo profissional

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
5.0 Stars

Double your speed waxing efficiency with the double roll-on wax kit. Wax large areas 50% faster than with traditional wax and always have a second cartridge ready to go. 

  • Double Roll-On Wax Warmer (cordless) 
  • Your Choice of Roll-On Wax Cartridges (20 Pack): Blue Roll-On Wax, Pink Roll-On Wax, Starsoft Roll-On Wax, Natural Roll-On Wax, Aloe Vera Roll-On Wax, Seaweed Roll-On Wax, Chocolate Roll-On Wax
  • Your Choice of Pre & Post Wax Care: Original Pre & Post Wax Care Bundle (200ml or 500ml variety)
  • Wax Strips: 200 ct. Non-woven wax removal strips

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Product Knowledge

Starpil’s double roll-on wax kit takes efficiency to the next level for any waxer. It helps to cut waxing service time in half, maintain workplace hygiene, and keep you prepared for back-to-back or walk-in appointments. 

This kit includes a double roll-on wax warmer that heats two cartridges at once for only 30 minutes. With your choice of wax formulas, as well as pre and post-wax care, Starpil’s double roll-on wax kit makes it easy to keep skin in its best condition.

**1-YEAR WARRANTY: Starpil Wax wax warmers have a one-year repair or replacement warranty. If you have any issues with your warmer within one year of the purchase date, you can send it back to us for our technicians to evaluate. If the warmer can be repaired, it will be fixed and sent back to you promptly. If it is deemed irreparable, we will send you a brand-new wax warmer. For more information, please contact us at info@starpilwax.com or 305-907-0756.

Why we love it
  • Double-roll-on warmer allows for efficient, complete bodily services
  • Roll-on waxing cuts service times in half
  • Heat two cartridges at once for 30 minutes of use
  • Cordless warmers allow for easy use
  • Choose the roll-on wax formula of your choice for customized services