How to Start a Spa Business: Securing Customer Loyalty

Learning how to start a small business in the esthetics and beauty industries can be challenging. Even more difficult, building customer loyalty and keeping your books filled year-round. Don’t fret, building customer loyalty is easy-peasy as long as you put in the work and do your part!

Set the Tone

When servicing a new client, it is important to introduce yourself with a friendly smile and a positive attitude. Engage in a casual conversation to break the ice and set the tone for a laid back and relaxing waxing session. Conduct a skin evaluation and ask your clients about their skincare regimen to get a better understanding of their unique skin and hair type.

People visiting a new waxing salon for the first time may oftentimes feel shy or insecure about their bodies. Beginner waxers may even feel that their bodies need to look a certain type of way in order to be normal. Estheticians know that all bodies are unique and come in all shapes in sizes. When servicing new clients, it is vital that they understand that you don’t have any expectations for what their body looks like. Help them relax and feel as comfortable as possible with you. Assure them that all you focus on is the area that needs to be waxed and nothing else. 

Create a Plan for Each Client

Formulate plans for your clients to get them from Point A to Point B so they can achieve their goal of having beautifully smooth skin that grows hair lighter and thinner than before. Every person is different and has a unique hair and skin type, so create a custom plan for each one of your clients. 

When customers understand the goal you are trying to achieve and what you will do to achieve that goal, the more compliant they will be throughout the process. After all, the end goal is for them to look and feel their best!

Provide Services Customers Want

One of the best ways to secure customer loyalty is to provide the services clients want most. Creating spa packages (combining services) helps clients save money and builds value, as they can get more for less. Don’t sell your work short though, people are coming to you for your knowledge and expertise. 

Ensure your clients know about the importance of continuity. Explain to them that in order to achieve the best results for their plan, they should see you at the recommended frequencies. Not getting waxed during the recommended frequencies (or shaving in between sessions) often sets people back in their plan, causing them to have to start from square one. 

Secure the Next Appointment

Advising clients that they schedule their next waxing appointment before they leave is a great way to secure bookings and customer loyalty. Many times, life gets in the way of things and people forget about rescheduling their appointment on time. 

Trying to squeeze an appointment in last minute or forgetting about it completely can be a pain. Prevent this by scheduling appointments with clients beforehand, allowing them to stay on track with their plan for success. Remind clients that rescheduling is always easier than trying to squeeze an appointment in on a busy day!

Have Protocols in Place

It is important to have the necessary protocols in place for clients to reschedule if needed. Last-minute cancellations can throw off your entire day so having a  cancelation policy in place can also deter customers from canceling. Once clients begin trusting the process and seeing results for themselves, the less likely they are to reschedule or cancel appointments. 

It ultimately all comes down to the experience you provide your clients. By being actively engaged, motivated, and confident during your client’s sessions, the more they will trust you and want to return! 

Build Relationships with Customers

Following up with your clients the day after their appointment not only shows that you remember them, but that you care about them as well. Ask how their skin is doing and how they feel since they left their appointment. Remind them about the importance of aftercare to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs. Keep it short, sweet, and informative. Let them know you're excited to see them at their next appointment. This will certainly leave a good impression of you on your clients.

Once you start building solid relationships with your clients, create a referral program to reward customer loyalty. Referrals are the greatest compliments and motivate clients to recommend your services to others. This is a great opportunity and can be an incentive for free services or discounts. Referral offers can come in many different forms. Examples include leaving service reviews on your website, referring a friend, bringing a guest along, etc. Referral promotions can be applied to the client and the referral, or just the client. The referral then goes through the same process. 

Use these helpful tips to grow your booking list and increase customer loyalty. You’ll notice that by implementing these practices into your routine your reputation will increase and your work will stand out from the rest.

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