Non-Polymer vs. Polymer Blend Film Hard Wax

Non-Polymer Hard Wax

Starpil Original Blend Non-Polymer Hard Wax is free from resins, has a quick setting time and superb hydrating abilities, which are fabulous for thick, coarse hair. It’s best for use in smaller areas of full-body waxing. Our Original Blend Hard Wax comes in six different formulations that feature unique ingredients, benefits, and uses.

Polymer Film Hard Wax

A polymer is made up of large molecules of plastics and resins. This makes Starpil Film Hard Wax optimal for pulling hair from the root and minimizing contact with the skin for less irritation, breakage, and more accuracy. Starpil Film Hard Wax uses the perfect number of polymers for increased flexibility and malleability, making this wax free from cracking or breaking when removed when covering larger areas. This wax formula comes in five distinct collections.

Film Wax Favorites

Starpil Blue Film and Pink Film Hard Wax are our best-selling formulas and loved by estheticians and their customers for being gentle on the skin with long-lasting results. If you’re just starting out with Starpil Wax, we recommend starting with both Blue Film and Pink Film Hard Wax so that you can get a feel for both our crystalline and creamy formulas.

Blue Film Hard Wax

Starpil Blue Film Hard Wax has been dubbed America’s favorite blue hard wax for its fantastic versatility. This crystalline wax is our most elastic formula, making it excellent for creating longer wax strips and speed waxing with ease.


Pink Film Hard Wax

Starpil Pink Film Hard Wax has a creamy consistency that is gentle on the skin and removes even the finest of hairs within a single pass. This formula is your go-to for fine hair, sensitive skin, and facial and intimate waxing.


Best Film Hard Wax for Coarse Hair

Black Film Hard Wax

This revolutionary formula is a hybrid formula with microcrystalline properties that behave like a creamy wax. As the best black wax on the market, Starpil Black Film Hard Wax is incredibly user-friendly and perfect for all skin and hair types, especially on sensitive and mature skin with coarse hair—hello bikini line!


Best Hard Wax for Sensitive Skin

Calendula Hard Wax is gentle upon removal and works best to reduce blemishes, irritation, and redness after waxing.


Starsoft Clear Film Hard Wax

When looking for the best hard wax for sensitive skin—and refined taste, indulge in Starsoft Clear Film Hard Wax, a professional hard wax unlike any other. This hypoallergenic wax contains neurosensory properties, is paraben and rosin-free and pampers skin while flawlessly removing any hair type. The refined ingredients make this the perfect hard wax for facial, full-body, and intimate waxing.


Starpil Coral Film Hard Wax

Sustainably sourced, this gentle hard wax is made with Mediterranean coral calcium powder. It is fabulous for full-body, facial waxing, and intimate waxing on all skin types—especially those with hypersensitive skin. This rosin-free hard wax is the closest formula to sugaring and excellent for “The Swinging Technique,” a hair removal method that helps reduce pain.


Original Blend Hard Wax Hits

This formula started it all for Starpil 35 years ago. We’ve kept true to this original blend for our loyal esthies who love to work with waxes that set quickly and for those with polymer allergies. Starpil Original Blend Non-Polymer Hard Wax offers phenomenal pull that delays hair growth for up to several weeks. It comes in six different formulas of crystalline or creamy textures. Starpil Original Blend is super-durable at getting thick, coarse hair from the root while being gentle on the skin.

Get Off to the Right Start with a Hard Wax Kit

Get everything you need to start your waxing business or take your waxing station to the next level with a Starpil Hard Wax Kit! Whether you need the whole shebang or just an upgrade, we’ve got you covered. From full hard wax sets complete with Starpil professional wax warmers, waxing spatulas, and pre and post-wax care to our most popular collections without a warmer, these show-stopping sets can make all the difference.

Our kits are available with hard wax for coarse hair, fine hair, or sensitive skin types and are perfect for meeting any waxing need. So, jumpstart or refresh your business with the best hard wax kit from Starpil Wax.


Frequently Ask Questions

At Starpil Wax, we recommend that you measure your hard wax before use to avoid preventable waste. Our hard wax beads are especially easy to measure due to their small size. If you absolutely need to reuse your wax, only do so if you have ensured it is not contaminated (no double-dipping)!
Starpil hard wax beads and tablets are only meant to be heated in professional wax warmers to avoid damage or injury.
Always follow the instructions on your Starpil Professional Hard Wax Warmers by setting the temperature to 90°C until the wax is fully melted while stirring occasionally. Lower the temperature to 75°C and let wax cool. Once the green indicator light is off, the warmer has stabilized, and the wax should have a thick, honey-like texture. Mix wax and test strip on your wrist before applying it onto your client. Prep the client’s skin using Starpil Pre-Wax Care Gel and let the area dry completely. Apply wax and let the wax cool for a couple of seconds, or until the strip is semi-hardened. Hold the skin taut, and peel it off firmly by pulling it back in the opposite direction of application. Finish by applying Starpil Post-Wax Care Lotion on your client for optimum results.
The best hard wax for estheticians should be of the highest quality, ensuring that it spreads evenly over the skin without cracking or breaking. Starpil’s diverse professional hard wax collections provide esthies with the highest-grade wax and unique formulas that meet multiple waxing styles and needs. In the end, it’s all up to personal choice, but as long as you’re using any one of Starpil’s hard wax formulas, you will be using the best hard wax for estheticians.
Get the best hard wax temperature by setting your professional hard wax warmer to 90°C until the wax is fully melted while stirring occasionally. Then, lower the temperature to 75°C and let the wax cool. Due to your room temperature or other factors, you know when you wax is at the correct hard wax temperature when it’s reached a thick, honey-like consistency.

The biggest difference between hard wax vs. soft wax is that stripless hard wax doesn’t require the use of woven wax strips, and soft strip wax does. Here are other differences at a glance.

Starpil Stripless Hard Wax… VS.

  • Is often less painful than other waxing methods
  • Doesn’t stick to your skin
  • Is excellent at grabbing shorter hair
  • Is ideal for working in small sections and areas like underarms, and facial, Brazilian and bikini waxing
  • Can be applied twice on the same spot when necessary

Starpil Soft Strip Wax…

  • Adheres well to the skin to get micro-tiny and fine hair
  • Is ideal for larger body parts and a quick hair removal method
  • Has a longer setting time so you can apply to multiple sections of a large area at once Exfoliates.
  • Works well on short to long hairs
  • Is easily spreadable
When you buy hard wax beans or tablets, you are getting a polymer blend made up of large plastics and resin molecules.
We recommend our stripless film hard wax blends to be used on the face and intimate areas. Use our original non-polymer formulas for body waxing and on thick, coarse hair types. While all of our film hard waxes can be great for facial waxing, our Pink Film Hard Wax, Starsoft Clear Hard Wax, Coral Film Hard Wax, and the upcoming Calendula Film Hard Wax are going to be the most gentle for sensitive skin on the face and intimate areas.