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Best Hard Wax Kits 

What’s better than our hard wax, our hard wax kits of course. The kits come with all of the necessary items to ensure a smooth and efficient waxing experience. We have different kits depending on your budget.

We are direct suppliers of professional wax products, products not sold in stores. Always offering the best prices for our clients, order online now, and save!

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Stripless Hard Wax


Specialty Formulas

Professional Waxing Kits


Premium Extra-Large Hard Wax Warmer Kit - 10lb

From  $491.67

Double Hard Wax Warmer Kit

From  $253.17

Professional Large Hard Wax Warmer Kit - 5lb

From  $374.90

Facial Waxing Kit

From  $141.57

Standard Hard Wax Kit

From  $177.57

Starpil Calendula Hard Wax Bundle


Starsoft Hard Wax Bundle

From  $123.90

Calendula Hard Wax Kit

From  $230.67

Starsoft Microbeads Hard Wax Kit

From  $224.37

Starsoft Tablets Hard Wax Kit

From  $221.67

Vegan Hard Wax Bundle - 2.2lb


Pure Vegan Hard Wax Kit

From  $210.90

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