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Standard Hard Wax Kit
Standard Hard Wax Kit
Standard Hard Wax Kit
Standard Hard Wax Kit
Standard Hard Wax Kit
Standard Hard Wax Kit

Standard Hard Wax Kit

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 Stars

Enjoy everything you need for easy, simple full-body waxing with the Standard Hard Wax kit. With professional-grade hard wax, our go-to 1lb Hard Wax Warmer, and more, this waxing kit will give you everything you need for amazing results.  

Complete Inclusions:

  • Standard Hard Wax Warmer:  1lb/500ml/0.45kg capacity
  • Your Choice of Hard Wax: Blue Film Rosin Free Hard Wax Beads (500g), Pink Film Rosin Free Hard Wax Beads (500g), Black Film Rosin Free Hard Wax Beads (500g)
  • Pre & Post Wax Care: Original Pre & Post Wax Care Bundle (50ml variety)
  • Wooden Spatulas: 100 ct. 4.5” spatulas, 100 ct. 6” spatulas
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Product Knowledge

The Standard Hard Wax Kit is perfect for those aiming to take on full-body waxing services.

This compact but powerful warmer will melt wax quickly and evenly regardless of whether you’re doing facial waxing or larger areas. This kit also includes our pre & post-wax products to keep skin looking and feeling its best before and after waxing.

**1-YEAR WARRANTY: Starpil Wax wax warmers have a one-year repair or replacement warranty. If you have any issues with your warmer within one year of the purchase date, you can send it back to us for our technicians to evaluate. If the warmer can be repaired, it will be fixed and sent back to you promptly. If it is deemed irreparable, we will send you a brand-new wax warmer. For more information, please contact us at or 305-907-0756.

Why we love it
  • Makes full-body waxing simple
  • Everything you need for waxing in one convenient kit
  • Includes standard hard wax warmer for facial or body waxing
  • Pre & post-wax care products for optimal results
  • Your choice of hard wax formulas for any skin or hair typ