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How to Relax Your Clients

It’s inevitable that sometimes you may encounter a first-time wax client or someone who has had a rough day and they’re a bit wound up. It’s important to give your clients a relaxing spa experience so they feel completely relaxed and comfortable for their waxing session. If your client is nervous and sweaty, you might face some waxing challenges so you want to keep them cool, calm, and sweat-free to have effective results.

From the moment a client steps into your waxing suite, you want them to instantly feel like they are in a zen-like setting; peaceful, calm, and relaxed. Let's face it - waxing isn't painless, and oftentimes people tend to feel nervous or anxious prior to their services. Creating the proper ambiance and utilizing appropriate bedside manner can help induce feelings of comfort and trust during some of your client's most vulnerable moments.

“Little things” can add up to make a HUGE difference for a client’s experience. Here are some tips on how you can create the perfect environment.

Here are some suggestions:


When entering a waxing room or studio, the first thing you notice is what the place looks like. You want to create a welcoming atmosphere for your clients to set the mood for their service.

Neutral colors that are warm and embracing like white, light blue, and beige help create a calming environment. Stay away from loud colors like red or orange, which may be distracting and prevent clients from feeling comfortable. Simple furniture and minimal clutter is a plus!

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The lighting of your waxing studio also helps set the mood for your clients. Bright and fluorescent lights will communicate the exact opposite message, making clients feel scrutinized or under a magnifying glass. Instead, create an atmosphere that will help your clients relax.

Select slightly dim lights and scented candles to produce a sense of tranquility within your space. This adds to the overall ambiance of your suite and offers dim, but effective lighting to help set the tone for a wax session. If you find yourself struggling to see, directional lamps can assist you during your service without distracting your client.


Music can affect our emotions in positive or negative ways. Many of us have that one song that we can't resist moving our feet to. Other times, we prefer songs that help us focus or relax.

The sound in your wax suite is just as important, as it adds an extra touch to help calm clients and lighten the mood. Be creative in the sounds that you use in your studio. For instance, the sounds of nature or meditation, smooth jazz or Lofi beats, can also transmit positive vibes.


What kinds of smells come to mind when you feel most at ease? Lavender, cucumber, jasmine, and chamomile are comforting scents that will help your clients relax before, after, and during a waxing session.

Infuse these scents lightly into your location’s environment by using diffusers, candles, incense, and essential oils. This will impress your clients and help your waxing location stand out from the competition, going a step beyond while paying attention to these small details.

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Fresh ice water with lemon and the option of a mint-infused towel to help ease away stress can take relaxation to the next level. You want your clients to feel like they’re going to a luxurious spa, not a doctor’s office. That’s the way we feel a waxing appointment should be. The better the environment, the more comfortable your clients will feel.


You also want your client to be lying down on a comfortable spa bed so they feel relaxed in the zen-like space that you created for them. Our high-quality portable folding spa beds are made with hard maple from carefully managed forests and boast 3 full sections of high-density luxury padding to ensure your clients get the utmost comfort. Give them a waxing experience that will keep them coming back.

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Keep calm and carry on.


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