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starpil hair puller ingrown hair




Starpil hair puller

Used after waxing as an ingrown hair prevention solution. Oleic acid content helps re-construct skin cell membranes. Tones and firms the epidermis and protects against external aggressive agents.


-Ideal for blotchiness and irritation

-simply spray and apply to skin

-To be used 24 hours after waxing

-123ml / 4.4oz spray bottle




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Starpil Hair puller is applied 24 hours after waxing as a follow-up treatment to flush and heal skin. Helps reconstruct skin cell membranes. Eliminates the hairs under your skin to prevent future ingrown hairs. Its ingredients also tone and firm the epidermis and protect against external aggressive agents.

Full body (24 hours after hair removal)

Derived from Bromine, propylene, Urea and Allantoin.

Instructions for use:
Apply on area 24 hours after waxing with a slight upward massage and allow to dry for a few seconds.
For use with:

Starpil hard wax - Starpil roll-on wax cartridges - Starpil soft strip wax

Other varieties:
Pre Depilatory gel
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