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A NEW Starpil PRO is Coming!

Starpil Wax, the country’s #1 wax supplier, continues its dedication to high-quality hair removal for licensed estheticians with a new initiative! We are excited to announce the launch of Starpil PRO, a new and improved online store to upgrade the experience for professional waxers and bulk wax buyers. 

Bulk buying is a core aspect of Starpil Wax’s business, providing licensed estheticians with wax at the lowest prices. The innovation and incredible results only accelerate with the arrival of the enhanced Starpil PRO. 

30lb Blue Film Hard Wax - Rosin-Free

Everything to Know About the Upgraded Starpil PRO

Starpil PRO now has lowered professional pricing without any mandatory minimums. Designed to improve your experience and streamline the purchase process, our approach encourages a more personalized and efficient wax selection. Professionals gain access to cutting-edge techniques, taking their waxing services to the next level.

The New Starpil PRO Experience

However, please don’t think you need to be a tech genius to understand Starpil PRO. This store aims to be more accessible and easier to use than our current wholesale buying experience. 

Combining our decades-long commitment to innovation with high-quality wax and skin care products, estheticians will always have the best items in their carts.

What It Means For You

We know that change can be scary, but Starpil is determined to make the transition to Starpil PRO as seamless as possible. If you’re an existing customer, simply log into the existing PRO portal as usual, use the unique code sent to your email to login, and voilà! Your email needs to match your current Starpil PRO login email exactly.

The process is simple. From faster checkout and improved navigation to enhanced product discovery and exclusive offers — an easy transition with the items you love, plus so much more. 

Confirm Your Company Name:

Before we launch our new store, we want to ensure that we have your correct company name information.

Confirm your company name here.

We can’t wait for you to experience the new and improved Starpil PRO! 

Keep your eyes on your inbox for more details coming soon.

Made For All Types of Licensed Estheticians

Whether you’re fond of soft wax or hard wax, face or body waxing, or all of the above, you will find exactly what you need. Not just exclusive deals, but also the sense of community. Prepare for expert tips and tutorials, personalized shopping experiences, discussion forums, and more.

Licensed Esthetician using Rosin-Free Blue Film Hard Wax Microbeads


Are there mandatory minimums? 

Not anymore! The new Starpil PRO experience features lower prices than our old tiered pricing offered. There will be no more cart minimums nor will there be unit minimums to get the savings you need!

What should we expect for pricing? 

We understand the need for competitive pro pricing now more than ever, for that reason there are no more mandatory minimums, no more confusing tiers, and all of our professional pricing has been lowered. We hope this will allow you to try new formulas and, more importantly, that this will allow you to make more profit off the things you need.

Will I still be able to see my past orders? 

You will still have access to your order history through the Starpil Wax website, simply sign into your old account and you will be able to download or view any past orders. Our customer support team can also assist you in accessing those orders if you are having trouble. All orders on Starpil PRO moving forward will be stored in your account here!

How will I access my order history? 

You will be able to access your Starpil PRO order history by logging into your new account after you have placed an order. All order history from the past Starpil PRO portal will be accessible through customer support or by logging into your old account on

What if I placed an order before this launch? 

It will be shipped and delivered as usual and that order invoice will live in your previous account on

Will I still get better rates with the product specialists?

Our Product Specialists are armed with bulk buying offers that will always feature the best price per pound. If you’re buying 100+lbs of wax at a time, book a call HERE!

Will I get double the emails now? 

No, your email and SMS experience will now be more catered to your professional needs! 

Do I need to change my password? 

No, if you have an existing wholesale account when you sign in with your email on Monday it will send you a code to login! 

You will get an email from confirming your wholesale pricing access has been approved within 24-48 hours of submission. So keep an eye out and don’t forget to add us to your contact list so we don’t go to spam!

If you have questions call us at +1(305)907-0756.

Does the customer service number change? 

No, you can still reach our support team and the product specialists using the same contact information from before. You can also reach out to them by emailing 

Do I get to work with the same product specialist?

There is no team better suited to assist you in the Starpil PRO process than our Product Specialist team. You will still be able to book calls with them using their assigned links on the “Meet the Team” page, or by using the numbers and emails you were using before!  

Will there be pro-only products here or will everything be the same as retail? 

There will be exclusively Pro Products on the Starpil PRO site, so keep an eye on your email for new launches and courses that only our community of professionals have access to! 

Is the return policy the same?

Yes, our return policy remains the same: Any opened and/or used product may not be returned. If a product is attempted to be returned and arrives back showing it has been opened and used, the customer will not receive a refund nor will used products be returned back to customer. 

What is the subscription option on the 30lb boxes?

If you’re on an ordering schedule you can save even more on our 30lb boxes! It is entirely self-serve and managed through your Starpil PRO account so you can make changes, cancel upcoming orders, reschedule, or end your subscription at any time. 

Next Steps

Starpil Wax is committed to making this transition as easy as possible. Therefore, all you need to do is monitor your inbox! 

We’ll send a few emails about Starpil PRO, and we’d also encourage you to experiment with the new layout to get familiar. Additionally, Starpil’s customer service team is always here to answer your questions. 

Welcome to A New-and-Improved Waxing World

Over the past 40 years, Starpil Wax has made no secret of its adherence to innovation. The waxing world is constantly transforming and we’re always ready to adapt. 

We’re saying the most heartfelt of thank you’s to our loyal community of waxers who’ve been there since day one. We can’t wait to witness how the new Starpil PRO shop enhances your shopping experience! 


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