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Cera dura sem tiras

Procurando a melhor cera dura que atenda a todas as suas necessidades de depilação no salão e em casa? Starpil Hard Wax tem tudo o que você precisa! Quer se trate de grânulos ou pastilhas de cera dura, nossa cera dura profissional se espalhará uniformemente, endurecerá rapidamente, terá uma ótima tração e será extremamente suave para a pele.

Se você está procurando uma cera dura que se espalhe uniformemente, puxe bem e seja suave para a pele, as esferas e pastilhas de cera dura Starpil são exatamente o que você precisa!

Quando se trata de cera dura sem decapagem que atende a todas as suas necessidades de depilação no salão e em casa, a cera dura Starpil tem tudo o que você precisa! De esferas de cera dura e pastilhas à melhor cera dura para peles sensíveis, nossa coleção profissional de cera dura é projetado para resultados efetivos.

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Contas de cera dura de filme rosa e azul - Pacote com 2 | 10 libras (mistura de polímeros)

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Hard wax is a stripless wax made for both face and body. Since this is a body wax that doesn’t need strips, the wax sets on it’s own after application, and can be removed on it’s own. Starpil offers two types of salon-grade hard wax: our Original Blend, non-polymer hard wax tablets, and our world-class polymer Film Hard Wax, which comes in both beads and hard wax tablets.

Overall, using both hard wax and soft wax can bring multiple benefits to your waxing sessions. Offering both options allows for you to create a more tailor-made experience for each client. On top of this, mastering the process involved with both wax types allows for you to both learn more about your craft, which also allows you to cement your position as a waxing authority.

Stripless Hard Wax

  • Doesn’t require non-woven strips for removal
  • Often less painful than other waxing methods
  • Requires a hard wax warmer
  • Less Mess
  • Doesn’t stick to skin
  • Is excellent at grabbing shorter hairs
  • Ideal for working in smaller sections and areas like underarms, and facial, Brazilian, and bikini waxing
  • Can be applied twice on the same spot when necessary
  • Can be applied thicker than soft wax

Soft Wax

  • Requires non-woven strips for removal
  • Adheres well to micro-tiny and fine hairs
  • Ideal for larger body partsGives maximum spreadability
  • Excellent for speed waxing
  • Exfoliating
  • Works well on short to long hairs
  • Applied in thin layers

To learn even more, check out our Waxing 101 to get the full scoop on the difference between hard and soft wax.

Waxing 101 - Diference between soft and hard wax

The most important parts of using hard wax include your prep, meltdown, application, removal, and post-wax care. To learn how to use hard wax in depth, view our complete guide


Your hard wax’s meltdown temperature will depend on the formula you use, whether or not your lid is secured, and the outside environment. Pay attention to your wax’s consistency to judge whether or not its ready for application. If it’s running off the waxing spatula like oil, it’s way too hot. If it can wrap around a waxing stick and form a bulb, you might be ready to rock.

Use these numbers as guides to getting to the perfect wax application temperature.

  • Blue: 70˚C - 75˚C
  • Pink: 65˚C - 70˚C
  • Black: 70˚C
  • Coral: 65˚C
  • Calendula: 65˚C
  • Starsoft: 60˚C

The best hard wax for estheticians is the one they feel most comfortable using. At Starpil, we carry a diverse line of professional hard wax formulas that can help enhance and protect various skin types while providing the best hair removal results.

Professional grade hard wax is only meant to be heated in a professional hard wax warmer. Our hard wax beads and tablets need to be melted in an even, cohesive and safe way. Microwaving professional hard wax beads or tablets can cause damage to your microwave or injury to you or your client.

As long as you never double-dip and use a different waxing spatula each time you take wax from your wax pot, you can continue reheating hard wax until it’s gone and you need to refill your wax pot.

Let your strip cool for a few seconds until it’s hardened. Flick up or pinch the lip between your pointer finger and thumb. Hold the skin taut, then firmly peel off wax parallel to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. Keep the skin anchored so it doesn’t pull up with the hair and strip.

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