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Reforço de Clareamento e Iluminação da Pele - Maystar Essential

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    Reforço de Clareamento e Iluminação da Pele - Maystar Essential
    Reforço de Clareamento e Iluminação da Pele - Maystar Essential
    Reforço de Clareamento e Iluminação da Pele - Maystar Essential

    Este intensificador de iluminação de nível profissional usa ingredientes ativos, incluindo ácido kójico, vitamina C, extrato de limão, extrato de Citrus unshiu, Ananas sativus e muito mais para uniformizar o tom da pele, reduzir a hiperpigmentação e infundir a pele com antioxidantes para deixá-la brilhante, tonificado, uniforme e radiante.

    Criado para uso dentro ou fora do consultório da esteticista, este soro é perfeito para clientes que procuram corrigir tons de pele irregulares ou hiperpigmentação.


    • Tamanho: Conta-gotas 50ml
    • Textura: Aquoso
    • Sem parabenos e crueldade.
    • As embalagens são recicláveis.

    Indicated for: Photoaged, blemished skin.

    Acts as a booster that, when combined with the base cream, allows beauticians to create personalized treatments to meet individual skin needs. Do not ingest.

    Active Ingredients:

    Lemon extract: vitamin C’s anti-aging effect, collagen-producing power, and capacity to boost skin luminosity make it one of the antioxidants most widely used in facial cosmetics.

    Ananas sativus: possessing antioxidant properties and containing biomeline (a proteolytic enzyme), saccharides, AHAs, and vitamin C, it exfoliates and maintains cutaneous moisture.

    Vitis vinífera extract: contains a high proportion of flavonoids to combat the signs of skin aging, Also contains substances that act as an effective venous tonic and possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

    Citrus unshiu extract: fruit extract that inhibits melanin production to reduce melanin levels.

    Kojic acid: compound widely used in facial cosmetics for its effect on melanin synthesis. Also blocks L-tyrosinase transfer.

    Vitamin C: possesses antioxidant and skin-lightening properties.

    Application: Applied by massage based on the desired outcome. Use twice weekly, blended with base cream.

    • After cleansing and exfoliating the skin, apply a thin layer (4 drops) of the concentrate selected, gently rub it into the skin until absorbed then leave to act for two minutes.

    • Place 9 to 10 doses of base cream in a small bowl. Add 10 drops of the skin-lightening booster.

    • Massage into the skin using the selected technique to enhance the treatment outcome.

    • To tailor the treatment to the specific needs of the customer’s skin, combine two concentrates by adding half of each treatment’s recommended quantity to the base cream.

    * We recommend applying SPF 50 sunscreen daily *

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