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6 Quick Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Eyebrows After Waxing

Eyebrow waxing is a blessing for every woman who simply can’t get through the pain of threading. Eyebrow waxing kits have made this caring for your brows much easier! Don’t you agree with us ladies? We’re certain you’d also agree how immensely satisfying it is to have perfectly shaped eyebrows done by a professional. So, while it is a preference for convenience that makes us stick to wax machines at home, you are missing an opportunity to flaunt professionally shaped eyebrows.


Professionally done or not, your waxed eyebrows need a little extra care and maintenance for optimum regrowth, keeping them looking whoaa for a longer period of time. If you are wondering why you would need to give special treatment to your brows, think about this- after using a hard/soft wax kit for your coarse hair on legs, you do need to take care of it for a few days, right? This is eyebrows we are talking about, one of the most sensitive parts of the body, which can’t take too much stress like our legs and arms can. So here they are!


6 Quick Post-Eyebrow Waxing Tips To Ensure They Stay WOW


  1. Estheticians are on the job for a reason and, as clients we should respect their knowledge on the subject. So, following their guidelines will only help us. One of the guidelines will always be, “However urgent it may seem to remove those newly grown brow hairs, don’t tweeze them!” Trust us, it will ruin your shape gradually!

  2. Yes, those brows have just got synonymous with beauty, but does that mean we should keep touching it to feel good? As tempting it may be, continuing to do so will clog the pores in that area resulting in spots and bumps, and no one wants that!

  3. Estheticians know skin, but you know your skin! If she asks you to use thread after waxing to remove those two stubborn hairs, please tell her not to if you have a sensitive skin or a history of skin grazing, rashes, cuts, etc. after the process.

  4. Get your eyebrows done in the morning, so that you don’t get that urge to continuously clean them off throughout the day and your skin can renew its moisture. Even if you don’t- feel to use cleansers, but avoid the brow area if you don’t want the burning sensation to affect your day. Also, a day or two without eyeshadow does the brows great!

  5. If you are planning on going for a trip where the luxuries of swimming, sauna, steam rooms, and sunbeds await you, try getting your eyebrows done three days before you leave. Sun or heat exposure will negatively impact your freshly waxed skin!

  6. Say no to exfoliating scrubs and anti-aging creams for at least three days to avoid oil accumulation. If you really need to rub something around your brows, try aloe vera gel. It will soothe your brows and freshen up your recently waxed brows.


After you pass this three-day sensitive period, massage your brows using almond oil for a smoother texture and an even regrowth. If you find you are just not a salon person, we do have eyebrow wax kits, roll on wax kits, wax warmers, strips for soft wax, soft wax, hard wax, and all the necessities you may need to ensure an incredible waxing experience. So, grab the essentials to get yourself back to wow! 



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