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Roll-On Wax

Thousands of estheticians and waxers like yourself trust our products to deliver quality results.

Starpil’s roll-on wax is an easy-to-use, ultra-hygienic way to wax that combines convenience with efficiency. This patented system cuts waxing times in half, eliminates the risk of mess, and makes full-body waxing a breeze.

Applied directly to the skin at low temperatures, gets amazing results and maximizes, waxing comfort for all skill levels. When removing hair from large areas like the legs, back, chest, and arms, it’s exactly what you need for the most efficient, hygienic waxing experience yet.

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The Standard for Professional Waxing


A portable waxing system with a single-use roll-on cartridge for hassle-free full-body waxing. Pre-filled with Starpil’s soft wax formulas, it applies wax directly to the skin without spatulas, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

Place your roll-on wax cartridge in the warmer before switching it on. Always insert your cartridge into your warmer before turning it on. It'll heat up evenly in about 20-30 minutes, ready for application.

Roll-on wax works best on broad areas such as the back, chest, arms, and legs. However, Starpil advises against using it on smaller areas like the face.

Starpil’s single-use roll-on cartridges are not reusable or refillable and should be disposed of after a service.

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