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Film Wax Battle: Blue vs Pink

Starpil Wax is one of the leading distributors of depilatory waxing products in the United States. Unlike some companies that intend their clients to use one wax type for all their waxing needs, Starpil believes that different wax formulas perform better when waxing certain areas of the body. Waxing is one of the most common beauty care treatments and it should be a relaxing and pleasurable experience.

Our Blue Film and Pink Film hard waxes are used in thousands of salons across the United States. They have become the most widely used in the nation! These waxes are both polymer-blend compositions but have different characteristics that make them unique.

One of the most common questions estheticians have regarding these two waxes is what their key differences are. Here, we will break down the attributes of the waxes individually and discuss what techniques other estheticians are using when waxing their clients with Blue and Pink film Starpil hard waxes.

Blue Film

Blue Film - StarpilwaxOur Blue Film hard wax was first presented to our clients in 2015 and has already become a crowd favorite because of its flexibility and effectiveness. It is composed of a very specific polymer formula which creates our most flexible application. This allows for a wider section when applying compared to Pink Film wax. Blue Film wax has the precise amount of polymer that allows for multiple strip applications if needed, as it does not crack or break easily upon removal.

Blue Film is specifically formulated for waxing larger areas of the body such as the back, arms, and legs. It is ideal for removing thick and coarse hairs by pulling the hair follicle at the root. Estheticians rave about how easy Blue film wax is to work with! They love that they can use fewer strips than they do with other waxes. Blue Film dries a bit quicker than Pink Film, which facilitates speed waxing.

Pink Film

Pink film - StarpilwaxStarpil Wax introduced the Pink Film formula in mid-2017 and is loved for its creamy composition and gentleness. This polymer-blend formula still has great flexibility and leaves the skin looking beautiful and radiant. It is ideal for waxing smaller areas such as the face, Brazilian bikini area, and underarms due to its ability to pick up even the finest hairs.

Pink Film tends to dry a bit slower than Blue Film allowing you the time to lay multiple strips at a time. You may have to move faster when waxing your clients, but it will allow you to get more sessions in a shorter amount of time. Estheticians love the creamy texture of the Pink Film because it and can be applied using very thin strips. Pink film is also the ideal choice when waxing areas that have been recently waxed as it specializes in removing the remaining fine hairs.

The Verdict

Many top estheticians throughout the United States use both the Blue film and the Pink Film waxes in their waxing sessions. Both Blue Film and Pink Film are ultra-effective and low melting point hard waxes that adhere firmly to hair, facilitating its removal by extracting follicles at the root. This delays further hair growth more effectively than shaving and many other waxes on the market.

These are two extraordinary waxes but are formulated for specific uses. Depending on the situation, both waxes are bound to come in handy during multiple sessions. Having both at disposition at all times ensures that you will be prepared for any waxing session!


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