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Jelly masks are used to soothe, hydrate, and moisturize the skin after a waxing treatment. Active ingredients like rice bran oil and tea leaf extract help to rejuvenate and free skin from any inflammation or irritation.

The Starpil post-wax jelly mask brings skin big benefits, including moisturizing and hydrating skin after a waxing service. Skin is left soothed and freed from any irritation caused by hair removal for the ultimate luxury post-wax treatment.

The jelly mask is designed for use on the underarms, the face, and Brazilian/bikini line areas. The mask’s versatility makes it perfect for add-on post-wax services or for use at home.

This jelly mask is available in 20g sachets, with 1000g bags coming soon!

With just 1 sachet/1 scoop, mix 1:1 with water to cover 1 full face or intimate area (like the pubic mound) for a complete post-wax service. This allows clients to enjoy the luxurious soothing and moisturizing experience this mask provides beyond just the areas they’ve had waxed.

Our forthcoming 1000g bags will enable users to enjoy up to 50 post-wax services with an average of 1 scoop per service.

Although this jelly mask is a great add-on service for estheticians, the post-wax jelly mask is safe to use at home and can help soothe and rejuvenate skin after at-home waxing services or for a little extra luxury when skin isn’t feeling its best.