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5 Questions To Ask Your Waxing Clients

Clients comfort is key - Starpil Wax

You need to be fully in the know with your clients before you begin any waxing service. Asking your client a few important questions will help you immensely in avoiding any waxing difficulties. Here are the top questions you should ask your client before you start your waxing session.


Are you currently taking any medications such as Accutane, Retin A, Renova, Differin or variations of such?

Why is this important? Simple. These are skin thinning medications meaning skin is more vulnerable to lifting and sensitivity during waxing. Clients who use these treatments will react differently to waxing - not necessarily in the best of ways. Even though Starpil offers the best professional wax for hair removal, we advise you to decline the wax request or wax at your own risk. Avoiding you or your client any complications.


Have you ever had a wax service before?

If the answer is YES

Great! They know what to expect, have some pain tolerance, and feel comfortable with the service they are about to receive. In this case, you’d want to ask if they recall what wax was used on them before - Soft Wax with strips or Original Stripless hard wax. This will help you determine their pain tolerance as well as their skin sensitivity.

If the answer is NO

You’re in for a treat! We have no idea how they will react to waxing. With that being said, stripless hard wax beads and tablets tend to be more gentle and less painful for your nervous newbie eager to experience hair removal for the first time.


Are you on or close to your menstrual cycle?

Why should you ask this? Here’s why - pain tolerance is decreased for women around and during this time of the month. So, you’ll want to let them know that their hair removal session will have a slight pain increase than usual, but with the help of Advil, they’ll be fine.


Do you have dry or oily skin?

If so, then you’ll want to use the before & after gel for prepping the skin before you begin your hair removal session. In the end, you’ll most definitely need to use the Post Wax Lotion which does not contain any oils. You don’t want to use any oily products on their skin. Pre and post-wax care is encouraged for your clients to have an overall pleasant waxing experience.


Do you have dry skin?

If so, a gel prep is necessary and the Post-Acid Cream is a must. You want your client to leave your salon with moisturized skin that glows. Pre and post waxing care is essential to finalizing your waxing session.

We hope you are asking your clients these important questions which will help your hair removal sessions go smoothly as planned.

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