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Live Love Beauty by Heather Nicole

Instagram: @livelovebeautysc

Heather Nicole Alton is the owner of Live Love Beauty by Heather Nicole, located in Santa Cruz, California. Growing up, Heather found herself intrigued by makeup, picking at her mom’s skin, peeling sunburns, getting rid of blackheads, and just about anything and everything that had to do with the skin.

“Hahaha my mom would tell me how much of a weirdo I was and that I needed to go to beauty school. I hadn't thought about that until she mentioned it but I’m so glad she pushed me to go & find other weirdos like myself!”

Heather’s beauty school did not live up to expectations. The school would change teachers more than an esthetician changes their gloves! There was no organization and eventually, the school was shut down for financial fraud.

“Beauty school gets you licensed but it's so important to continue your education beyond school and to always be willing to learn more. Although my school was not the best, I did fall in love with the beauty world and the art of waxing. They mainly taught us how to wax using soft wax, but I really liked using hard wax. I loved how satisfying it was to complete a service from start to finish!”

After completing her esthetics program, Heather got a job at European Wax Center (EWC) and loved the experience! Fast paced sales atmospheres aren't for everyone, but Heather learned quick and strived

“I worked for (EWC) for 7 years at two different locations and learned so much! I became a trainer for them and was 100% devoted to my work and making women feel as comfortable and confident in their own skin as possible. Sharing my tips & tricks allows me to help others become better waxers which is why I recently created my YouTube channel, The Mermaid Esty, and plan to create my own wax training program soon using Starpil wax.”

Heather loves reading messages from other estheticians and students saying they enjoy her videos and that they’ve helped them a lot with finetuning their waxing skills. She is honored to see so many esthetic students across the country watching her videos to help them become better waxers. Last summer, after a lot of careful thinking, Heather decided it was time to branch out and start her own business!

“I began building a facial & lash business while still working at EWC. Working two jobs while being married with a toddler was very hard but worth it because I knew I was working towards something great all my own! I was looking for a wax that would be similar to the one used at EWC, that I could use at my own business once I left. I am on many esthetician pages on Facebook which have been very helpful with advice because it led me to @chloeamstutz on Instagram. I discovered that Chloe used to work for EWC as well and uses Starpil wax!”

Heather placed her first order with Starpil to try it and was blown away by the wax’s quality and ease of use! She also really likes that other Starpil using estheticians love to share their videos and provide tips on their preferred methods of use

“I love that this brand feels more like a community than a business. My Personal Account Manager is always there for any question I have. I realized I needed to start ordering wholesale when I needed to order wax multiple times a month. My favorite Starpil product is Starsoft. It's the best wax I've come across and gets most of the hair in one strip. The Pre Depilatory Gel is great to prep the skin for waxing and I love that the Post Emulsion helps slow down further hair growth.”

Having a new small business, Heather was nervous about being able to afford to order large amounts of wax, but Starpil helped with every detail concerning pricing and quantity questions to make her feel at ease.

"Best decision ever; I can actually last over a month now before ordering again!”

Since deciding to work on her own full-time and leaving EWC in January 2019, Heather has been focused on growing her waxing/skincare/lash business enough to open a place of her own.

“I just signed my first commercial lease for my own space! I am so excited and proud to have grown my business so much in such a short time. The power of social media is an amazing resource to learn and grow your business. I look forward to helping other estheticians find & love Starpil as much as I do!”


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