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Waxing by Kristina

Instagram: @waxingbykristina

Waxing by Kristina is a specialty waxing salon located in Plymouth, Michigan and is owned by Kristina Bogoeski. Growing up, Kristina was always captivated by esthetics and the art of skincare. However, her parents didn’t share her views nor considered working in the beauty field to be a legitimate career. Kristina’s opportunity to attend school was postponed after getting married and pregnant at a young age. She opened a restaurant business with her family as well which set her back even more.

In 2013, Kristina’s family sold the business and she made up her mind to finally follow what her heart had desired for so long and enrolled in esthetics school! She finished school the following year and started working at a salon doing facials. Being passionate about helping others boost their confidence by feeling comfortable in their skin, Kristina enjoyed doing facials but soon developed an interest in waxing!

“I wanted to start waxing! I came across a new company opening in my town that only specialized in waxing only, European Wax Center (EWC). I applied and got the job which I am forever grateful for as it helped me expand my waxing skills!”

At EWC, Kristina was trained in full body waxing and “Brazilians” in particular. She also learned how to speed wax effectively and became a hard wax expert. Just under six months ago in December 2018, Kristina decided she wanted to branch off and start her own waxing business!

“Having two kids that play sports, I needed a more flexible working schedule and the only way that was going work was if I went on my own. I left EWC, took the leap and never looked back! Like anyone going off on their own, it’s scary. Scared on how I would pay my rent, if my clientele would me, and about how much it will cost to open. I felt every emotion!”

Once her suite was open, Kristina was blown away with how well it was received! Like everyone opening a business, there were some obstacles along the way, but she persevered through them and never gave up or lost hope. She had built a loyal clientele that kept growing due to her amazing services and customer service!

“I am so blessed to have the best customers a girl can ask for!  I’m grateful for them every day because made my dreams a reality!”

Kristina discovered Starpil while looking for the perfect wax to use in her suite. She came across Liz Lugo’s Instagram page, @browsby_liz and loved that she used Starpil products for all her beautiful services and that they offer a wide selection of European wax formulas for different skin and hair types. 

“My favorite Starpil products that I use daily in my suite are the Pre-Depilatory Gel, Post Epil Oil & Post Emulsion. My go-to wax is definitely the Pink Film wax. It’s perfect for those sensitive skin clients and unbelievable for facial waxing as it picks up all those fine hairs!


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