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Starpil Provides the Best Hard Wax Beads for Sensitive Skin, From Purple & Blue to Facial Wax Beads For Easy Hair Removal Process !!

With a complete range of depilatory products distinctly designed for professionals, Starpil Wax is the world-wide leader in hair removal. Our top-selling formula of 2017 were our blue hard wax beads! Our best-selling Blue Film hard wax beads contain a polymer-blend that is strong and effective enough to be used all over the body, yet gentle enough that it is also specially formulated for sensitive skin. All our waxes have an extremely low melting-point for a comfortable waxing service. With the emergence in popularity of stripless hard wax formulas for hair removal, Starpil's elastic hard waxes are ideal for all of your hair removal needs! Starpil's brand ambassador, acclaimed esthetician Liz Lugo, also fell in love with our blue hard wax beads & purple hard wax and made Starpil an instant social media sensation! Starpil's newest formula are the Pink Film Wax Beads. These facial wax beads are ideal for waxing smaller areas of the body, such as the eyebrows, underarms, and Brazilian bikini waxing. Pink Film contains titanium dioxide, an amazing ingredient that helps to boost skin recovery immediately after a waxing session! We’ve also introduced our premier clear hard wax, Starsoft. Specifically formulated for the most extra sensitive skin types, Starsoft is pine-rosin free and contains breakthrough neurosensory properties that are proven to produce a more pleasant waxing experience. These formulas are ideal for speed waxing, offering increased flexibility on application and removal. Multiple large strips can be laid down without having to worry about your wax cracking or breaking upon removal. Starpil Wax also offers a collection of traditional French-recipe hard waxes available in Blue, Pink, Natural (Honey), Purple (Malva) and Green. With more than 30 years of experience in the fabrication of depilatory and cosmetic products, you won’t find this elite level of quality and service anywhere else!



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