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Some might say waxing is a luxury while others might say it’s a necessity. We would like to think it’s both! Having smooth velvety skin that glows for weeks at a time is more of a blessing, don’t you think?

So no wonder many highly sought after influential celebs are getting waxed on the regular. With waxing it’s a no-fuss no-muss process that leaves you with long-lasting results - looking effortless, sometimes flawless, but always hairless.

The thing is - waxing removes unwanted hair completely from its roots and gently exfoliates your skin so it’s a no brainer that your skin looks radiant after your wax service. DUH! As a bonus, your hair will grow back progressively finer and sparser, lesser with time, which means fewer appointments in the future. YUP! With shaving, you risk getting nicks, cuts, and the annoying itching and prickliness so do what the celebs do and get waxy with it.

Here are a few female artists that we LOVE like Cardi B, Rita Ora, J Lo, and Rihanna that had a few things to say about waxing and their experiences...

Cardi B - "You know, as I get older and I wax more I notice that my mustache is getting thicker, but it's cool though, cause b*tches with good mustaches got good p---y." - E!News

Starpilwax- Inside Scoop!

Rita Ora - “If I’m not working and getting my makeup done, that’s my chance to do a hair mask and a face mask and my plucking and waxing and all of that …Eyebrows are really important because they structure the face. In school, it was funny because I was always the one walking around with tweezers plucking my girlfriends’ eyebrows. I was really good; eyebrow tweezing runs in my family — my mother used to do mine, and I picked it up. Then I started plucking my friends’ brows when I would see them at school. Suddenly there ended up being a line at lunchtime of people who wanted to get their eyebrows tweezed.” – Into The Gloss, August 2014

Jennifer Lopez - “I don’t love waxing. I just don’t like everybody … up in the business, you know what I mean? I shave everywhere; the only thing I wax is my eyebrows. It’s torture plucking the hairs out one by one … I’m not really a hairy person. I shave every few days; once the stubble comes in, I take it off right away. Today I’ve changed my outfit six times for shoots, and there’s a lot of going from pants to a short skirt, so I keep a razor in my travel kit. In a pinch, I’ve grabbed a water spray bottle from the hairdresser, mixed it with some lotion, and shaved my legs in under a minute.” – Allure

Starpilwax- Inside Scoop!

Rihanna - “Well, I went to this wax salon, and she recognized me before I took my clothes off … And then, you know, obviously, I’m laying there in pain, and she just decides to bust out — and you know what, every time I get a wax, I always specify that the lady is old and speaks Russian or no English — and she was [a] 25-year-old American. And she was basically like, ‘I know who you are. [Imitates wax-tearing noise.] You’re Rihanna, aren’t you?’ I was just like … awkward. It was really awkward. It was probably one of the most awkward moments of my entire life. I just got up and I just got out of there.” – The Graham Norton Show

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