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Sink Into Soft Pink!

Pink Soft Wax - Starpil

We officially launched the release of our anticipated Pink Soft Wax on March 24th! Our Pink Soft Wax is now available for you to purchase in a 500ml tin online and through your personal account manager.

This Pink Soft Wax formula is as effective as all of our soft wax formulas except it’s CREAMY. You heard right! It is a luxurious creamy wax that’s made with natural rosins and natural active ingredients. It’s smooth and velvety texture melts at a low melting point and allows easy application for clients with circulatory problems or low pain tolerance. Great for full body waxing and suitable for all skin types to give you successful waxing results every time.

If you are an esthetician that loves waxing with strips you have to try Pink Soft Wax!

It’s an incredible formula that’s KBB (Kelly Baker Brows) approved and praised so you know you are getting a quality product that works! Know that when you buy Starpil products you will always get ethically sourced, natural, effective wax that will give your client long-lasting and radiant waxing results.


Pink Soft Wax - Starpil

Order Soft Pink Wax and strips to start waxing!



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