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Treats for the Face by Beauty Queen, Veronica De Messina

Instagram: @treatsfortheface

Treats for the Face is a specialty beauty boutique owned by master esthetician, Veronica De Messina. The boutique is located in Los Angeles, California and was built on Veronica’s reputation of excellence. Treats for the Face is a hotspot for locals, and loyal clients drive in from hours away for her incredible HydraFacial treatments, amazing spray tans, and top-of-the-line waxing services. Veronica proudly uses Starpil products for her waxing services and has now been in business for sixteen years. Her success is a reflection of her hard work, dedication, and passion for helping women feel special and beautiful.

Veronica was born in Mexico City with entrepreneurship imbedded in her veins. Growing up, she would sell hats, toys, and anything she could get her hands on at plazas and the Chapultepec Zoo. Many people in her family were small business owners and she was sure that one day she would have a business of her own. Veronica immigrated to the City of Angels in 1990 in hopes of starting a new life in the Land of Opportunity. Before venturing into the beauty and skincare industries, she studied medicine and worked as a therapist for a podiatrist and as a surgical assistant in a hospital. While working in the geriatric unit, Veronica took care of very ill patients that she built strong personal connections with and grew to really love.

Although she loved taking care of her patients, many of them had terminal conditions which made the job very difficult and depressing. Seeing them die one by one gave her a different perspective on life and could no longer withstand working in that environment. One day, one of her patients told her that although she had very good bedside manners, she should follow her dreams and go to beauty school. Veronica made the decision to change careers and went to school for her esthetician license. Esthetics came easy to her and in the year 2000, Treats for the Face opened its doors! She was ecstatic to finally have her own place where she could fulfill her dream of making other women feel gorgeous and confident.

New beginnings can sometimes be a little shaky though, and Veronica had a bit of a tough time settling into the affluent neighborhood of Sherman Oaks, where the boutique lies. Because there were not many Mexicans or Hispanics in that neighborhood, Veronica would sometimes be discriminated about her race from some of the neighborhood residents. It got to the point that there were people that came in her boutique and told her that her business would fail there and that she should just close it and sell it. Not discouraged, Veronica persevered and thanks to her amazing talents, business began booming! People from all different cultures, customs, and backgrounds began coming in to get pampered!

“Some people tried several times to discourage me and told me I should close my little shop, but I stayed positive and never gave up. One of my competitors also tried to buy me out and to go and work for them. They said that I was not going to survive by myself, but I wanted to make my business successful on my own. Within a year that I opened my first business from ground ZERO, I was able to open my second business, a clothing store boutique and coffee shop.”

Veronica has been using Starpil since it became available in the United States ten years ago. Before using Starpil she used Depiflax, another wax under the Maystar Cosmética umbrella. Nowadays she uses Starpil hard waxes, with her favorite of the bunch being the Pink film formula because it matches the color scheme of her business and its superb. Veronica’s clients love to get waxed with Starpil and rave about how painless and effective it is when compared to other waxes. She has been a loyal Starpil customer for all of these years because of the quality and price. Veronica also loves how easy it to never have to worry about running low on supply thanks to her Personal Account Manager, which is assigned to every new wholesale account.

“I also use Starpil’s pre and post waxing products because they work so incredibly well! I’ve also been using the hair puller since day one!”

After sixteen years of being in business, Veronica is showing no signs of slowing down. Treats for the Face is now a staple in Los Angeles for delivering excellent beauty services to women looking to enhance their look. Her out of this world customer service and attention to detail is what keeps her booked for weeks in advance. Veronica has come a long way since her humble beginnings in Mexico City and looks to continue leaving her footprint in the waxing world.


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