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Waxing Salon and Spa Q & A

Our monthly Q & A’s are created so that we can answer some of your frequent questions but also give you guys some helpful tips! We want to see you succeed and this blog is all about doing just that! Let’s get right into it...

Q: Are spa salon gift cards a good idea?

A: YES! Absolutely! It’s a great way to get new clients in the door. Encourage your current clients to give Gift Cards for your services to their friends and family. A salon service is a perfect gift for anyone. Who doesn’t want the gift of smooth skin? Definitely let your clients know that they should buy one of your gift cards for the people they love. How do I create one? There are plenty of downloadable temples online that you can choose from that will be a good fit for your salon color scheme.

Q: How can I expand a hair and nail salon?

A: If you currently own or work at a hair and nail salon and want to expand we suggest adding waxing to your list of services. You’d want to find local licensed estheticians that are professional and have a great resume. Picking staff isn’t easy and will take some research but when you find the right candidates it will make all the difference for your salon profits. Waxing has been very popular so if you market your new services the right way you can see a major increase in your overall income as well as foot traffic.

Q: New or used spa salon furniture?

A: You always want to make a good first impression and make your clients happy from the minute they walk into your salon or studio to the minute they walk out. If your salon furniture is dated and worn this is not a good look for your business. We highly recommend that you use new spa beds so that your workspace is up-to-date, clean, and polished. Our high-quality portable folding spa beds are made with hard maple from carefully managed forests and boast 3 full sections of high-density luxury padding to ensure your clients get the utmost comfort. Present yourself in the best way possible so that your clients keep coming back. Get a Starpil portable folding spa bed today!

Thanks for reading! If you have a question please comment below or DM us @starpilwaxusa  to be chosen for our next round of Q & A’s.


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