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Featured Business: 828 Studios

Sherri Garza


Instagram: @sherrigarza

Sherri Garza is the owner of 828 Studios, a reputable waxing studio located in Cypress, Texas. Sherri has always had a passion for making women feel and look beautiful, so she decided to pursue her career doing just that! Sherri started waxing in 2011 and absolutely loves giving her clients the “perfect brows” and providing an excellent, overall waxing experience.

After working for a well-known waxing chain for 6 years and being their lead wax specialist for 5, Sherri decided she wanted to become independent and work for herself. Instead of having all of her hard work go towards building the dreams of someone else, she wanted her talents and hard work to build dreams of her own.

In mid 2016, Sherri found the perfect space to open her studio and wanted to use only the best wax and waxing products in her new space. She found Starpil online by researching the top hard waxes in the industry. Once Sherri tried the wax for the first time, she fell in love with Starpil and knew it was the wax she wanted to use for 828 Studios!

What Sherri absolutely loves about Starpil waxes is their amazing flexibility, as they spread and lifts easily. Our bestselling wax is Blue film, and other crowd favorites include Pink film and Starsoft. Starpil “film” waxes are formulated for sensitive skin to minimize irritation. Starsoft is our most gentle formula and works great with for hypersensitive skin and areas. It is also pine-rosin free and contains neurosensory properties for the most satisfying waxing experience ever!

“Whenever I hear women say they could never make it through a Brazilian wax, my response is always that they need to find a different wax specialist and better wax.”

Sherri’s favorite Starpil wax is Pink film, which is one of our bestsellers. It is a low melting point and highly effective wax that adheres firmly to hairs, which facilitates their removal by extracting follicles at the root. This process delays the growth of future hair and is far more effective than shaving as skin is never left red or bumpy after a session. Instead, skin is left looking beautiful and radiant. Pink film is ideal for waxing smaller areas such as the face, Brazilian bikini area, and underarms as it specializes in removing even the finest of hairs.

“I’m a huge fan of the Pink film was especially because It's creamy and gentle. My clients always brag about how their Brazilian waxes are virtually painless thanks to this wax. I do about 10 Brazilian waxes a day, so Starpil Pink film hard wax is the perfect fit for me and my business!”

Sherri is not only passionate about growing her business but also about building genuine relationships with her clients that are head over heels in love with her exquisite services. Her hospitality is unlike anyone else’s and she has generated hundreds of reviews from clients that were amazed by their experience at 828 Studios. Many of Sherri’s clients have become close with her, and some even joke that she could charge for therapy sessions as she is a great listener and always gives the best advice!

It’s been seven years since Sherri first started waxing, and even though over the years she has discovered and perfected many waxing techniques, one thing that remains the same is her passion for making people look and feel their best!


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