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Starpil Is Changing Its Operations


To our customers,

With the world experiencing uncertain times by the outbreak of COVID-19 we all face heartbreak and many challenges within our communities. We have all been closely monitoring credible sources reporting on the pandemic that include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with the World Health Organization and our hearts go out to those who have been affected by the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus. This is a very difficult time for all of us and we are taking all of the necessary measures and making the best decisions for everyone to ensure the wellbeing of our community.

I wanted to personally reach out and let you know the actions that Starpil is taking to prevent further spread of the virus and continue to safely provide you products during this time.


  • Sanitized cleaning wipes are available for staff to use in packaging areas to eliminate bacteria.
  • Sanitized disinfectant sprays are offered in all workspaces which kill 99.9% of viruses.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility to ensure staff safety as its full purpose is to fight germs.
  • A vigorous sanitation schedule has been implemented to maintain a safe environment for all staff which I believe is necessary.
  • Facility access is monitored with restricted access to select staff, maintenance, and shipping employees.
  • Implemented full sanitation of workspace and equipment before and after staff shifts.

Starpil Staff

  • Any employees that reported flu-like symptoms were sent home and checked up on regularly.
  • Working remotely from home has been implemented and staff encouraged to stay out of the public for safety precautions.
  • Internal communication platforms are easily available and accessible for all employees for support and help with any concerns.

As we continue to pay close watch on COVID-19 discovery we will be sure to share any new developments that may affect our operation. We will continue to fulfill orders and make the appropriate decisions to protect our community.

I want to reassure you that we are doing everything that we can to provide you with proper guidance and assistance during this time. This current situation will come to an end and we will be here every step of the way to ensure you remain on the track to continued success.

Take care of yourself and your communities.


Kind regards,

Saul Ortiz

Starpil Wax Co CEO


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