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The Definitive Guide to Men's Back Waxing

Men's Back Waxing

Men's back hair removal is nothing new and only gaining in popularity. If you don’t have a service menu catering to males, you could be missing out on a loyal customer base and super-satisfying wax results. If you’re new to back hair removal on men or could use a refresher course, this definitive guide to men's back waxing will show you everything you need to know.

We leave no stone unturned from the benefits and maintenance to the optimal methods and the best hair removal wax for men's back waxing. We even share two different men’s back waxing videos with Starpil Pink Film Hard Wax and a Calendula Roll-On back waxing kit. 

Should a man wax his back?

man and woman couple

Waxing back hair on a man can be a significant asset to his skin game and aesthetic. Men's back waxing and shoulder hair removal are extremely popular with Gen Z, while millennials are more into chest and stomach waxing.

Now, we don’t condone anyone getting hair removal just to please others, but in a recent survey of 100 women taken for an April 17, 2021 article by Shawn Burns and, 77% of the women found back hair unattractive. To be fair, many men prefer a smooth finish on their back and shoulders and find waxing it considerably better than trying to shave it every other day.

How long does men's back waxing last?

Hairy man's back

Back hair removal regrowth can vary from person to person, but generally, back waxing can last a solid two to three smooth weeks. Waxing, over time, can dull the follicles and inhibit growth, offering longer stretches of smoothness and hair that grows back thinner.

How often should a man wax his back?

Man with smooth back

Even though hair starts to grow back above the skin’s surface in about two to three weeks, hair strands need to be at least ¼ an inch long before back waxing again. Men's back waxing is generally a once a month to every three weeks type of service.

How much does it cost to wax a man's back?

If you’re offering the best hair removal for men's back waxing, a back wax price could run from $60 - $120. A monthly back waxing cost in trade for a radiant, smooth back, is totally worth it in our book.

How painful is back waxing?

Men’s back waxing pain can range from mildly annoying to somewhat uncomfortable. The back is a sensitive area with plenty of nerve endings along the spine. Irritation and redness can dissipate quickly when using the proper techniques and the best male back hair removal products. Regular visits to the waxing salon, clients can get used to the inconveniences of waxing can make hair growth less prominent, more manageable, and less painful to remove.

How do you wax a man's back?


What to know about the intake for men’s back waxing.

Esthetician filling out client intake form for male

The salon intake forms you offer your female clients will be the same as with your men. And though many men are well-versed in skincare, you may want to emphasize the different variations of Retinol products they can be using or any harsh exfoliation treatments they adhere to with salicylic or glycolic acids.


What should be in your back waxing kit?

The best way to remove back hair on a man starts with using the right male back hair removal products in your back waxing kit. Your wax formulas and skincare should be tailored according to your client’s skin and hair type. 

Use the following as a men's back hair wax guide for some prevalent skin and hair types.


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