Update Your Salon Intake Forms

Update Your Salon Intake Forms

States across the country have only recently re-opened their wax salons. And even though there is still an air of uncertainty for the future of the industry, the likeliness of a COVID world continuing for a while means that your salon client intake form should be current with COVID-specific questions along with the standard consultation ones. Planning out new salon release forms for clients surrounding COVID questions and setting new precedents for how your clients should be once they step back into the salon.

The following information will give you a great head-start on keeping you, your staff, and clients safe. The following article will also show you how to use all of this new info as a way to get some buzz going around your re-opening or grand opening. We’ll also offer suggestions on how to present the new information to your clients and provide templates that you are free to download and use! 

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 We should all be familiar with the waxing consultation form and wise enough to evolve it to fit our current climate in the wake of COVID-19. A classic intake form goes through questions and information to determine if it’s safe for your clients to receive certain services you provide. For example, perhaps a client is taking a medication that doesn’t allow the use of hard wax, soft wax, or any kind of body wax. In this case, you would recommend a different service or try to reschedule waxing until they’ve ceased using that medication.

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The new type of esthetician client intake form will consist of all of the classic questions but add questions and information regarding COVID-19 exposure. Your wax salon or esthetics business can achieve a few things by updating intake forms.

  • You can show your clients that you respect them and yourself during these times.
  • Your new forms hold you and your clients accountable to keep each other safe.
  • It allows you to refresh long-time client information for better service and marketing solutions.
  • It can be used as a platform to let clients know about updated protocol and steps you’re taking to keep everyone protected.
  • Your updated forms give clients a heads-up on new protocol regarding check-in, payments, salon supplies, and more.


Updating intake forms should include making them available to be filled out online before your clients can book with you. It might be wise to have a dedicated COVID-19 information page on your website, a detailed newsletter, or social media posts that give your clients a heads-up on all of your new protocol. You can even link your new intake form there.

Here is an example of how to introduce your new salon protocol before booking.



We are now taking appointments for (date of opening) and beyond! Book online or by calling (555) 123-4567. Unfortunately, we’re not taking any walk-ins at this time. (of course, leave this out if you are!)

Please visit our COVID-19 page for information on new check-in procedures. (Then link to the information.)

Please fill out the updated client intake form to book your appointment. (Then link to the information.)

Thank you so much for your patience and working with us to help keep us all safe, healthy, and beautiful!


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Now that you’ve cleansed your client’s palettes by preparing them for the new way of doing things, you can provide them with the updated waxing intake form. Include all of the common questions regarding their skin, products, and concerns while adding questions about COVID-19. This is a template that you can copy and paste. Feel free to omit or add anything as it applies to your business.

Updated Client Intake Form with COVID-19 Questions.

(Download PDF) 


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