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Latest Waxing Trends for 2021

Latest Waxing Trends for 2021

 You might hear a lot about the latest trends for hair and makeup but find it rare to hear about waxing trends. Well, hold on to your spatulas because we’re not just going to talk about a new waxing trend or hype up some fly-by-night hair removal product; we’re diving deep into how to implement women’s waxing trends (and men too) into your waxing salons this year. This article talks about what to focus on when working with clients this 2021 with some top tips on adding these trends into your services by using products that you already have and the techniques you already use. So, let’s get hip on waxing trends 2021!


By now, you’ve already elevated your hygiene game but are you also retailing and using waxing products that prioritize hygiene among excellent hair removal results? Hygiene moves aren’t just waxing trends but a waxing way of life. People are looking for ways to include more hygienic solutions to their everyday beauty routines, and it’s no different with hair removal. 

For cleaner waxing, we’re in love with the Starpil Calendula Collection. It’s more hygienic for waxing services because it contains calendula and tea tree oil to reduce bacteria while maintaining healthy-looking skin. 

For retail and home care, we recommend the pre and post-wax care gel and calendula mousse  as well as the Premium Hand Sanitizer by Esthie Shield. But no matter which hygiene products you choose, this waxing trend should be added to your services and retail because the demand for it is huge right now!




With most everyone staying indoors last year, non-makeup and natural looks were a big thing in makeup and have carried over to this year’s women’s waxing trends. People seem to like the ease of get-up and go, making a hair-free existence even more necessary to their grooming habits. Begin this year by highlighting this as a waxing trend in your salon marketing by including phrases on your social media captions like, ‘Achieve your best natural look with the smooth results of hair removal.’ You can also create special services that center around the trend. The Natural Look: Full facial waxing for smoother, radiant-looking skin!

 Achieving a natural look takes caring for the skin to the next level. This is where the education you give your clients on their at-home care needs can shine. They will have to take more ownership of how they treat their skin before and after waxing, and that will mean supplying them with the best products and education. Get to know your pre and post-wax care products at a higher level and to the degree that you don’t just remind your clients to use them. The education surrounding the products you’re recommending should make clients feel like the specific ingredients or techniques you talk about are a MUST for achieving their silkiest, glowiest skin ever!




With people minimizing their makeup regimens, they’re focusing on other things. And with so much emphasis on hand-washing, people are paying more attention to caring for their hands in a big way. If you don’t already have strong marketing around your hand and knuckle waxing, give this waxing trend and its service description some extra love. Try adding skin-pampering Starsoft products and a hand massage to the service and create a description that sounds like this:

 “If increased hand-washing is leaving your hands feeling dry, cracked, and raw, pamper them with an exfoliating and skin-pampering hair removal service. 

For this, we use Starsoft Film Hard Wax for hand and knuckle hair removal and add a 10-minute Starsoft Oil massage. This works to detoxify, energize and moisturize tired hands. Starsoft waxing products are hypoallergenic and expertly crafted for hypersensitive and delicate skin to soothe skin, reduce pain, and aid in skin recovery.” 

No matter which products you use, give your clients some background on their results to alleviate their skin and waxing concerns. 



In a nutshell, your microbiome is comprised of systems of good bacteria found in your gut and on your skin. They are your skin’s defense against all the things! Increasing your knowledge on this topic and sharing it with your clients can be a big win for you, them, and handling this year’s waxing trends. 2021 seems to be the year of skin, and taking care of it while waxing will be critical. Talking to clients about their diet and stress levels can make a big difference in understanding why they might be experiencing specific post-wax issues like acne or breakouts. Using the best wax, pre, and post-wax care, and having the best diet to support a healthy microbiome will be on the top of many of your clients’ lists, so add it to the things to learn about this year.




Most of us offer a light massage after waxing with some post-wax care oil, but not as many of us put a strong emphasis on the ‘why’ we do this, nor do we offer it as an add-on service. A post-wax lymph drainage treatment is a lightly rhythmic massage that pinpoints the lymph nodes to circulate blood flow. Sometimes, after waxing can cause minor blood cell damage and needs to be ‘soothed and moved’ so that skin doesn’t ‘get stuck’ in that area.  

Adding add-on a lymph drainage treatment after waxing helps stimulate and detoxify the lymphatic system to increase blood circulation, the transportation of nutrients, and the removal of toxins and bacteria from the area and body. Add this to a waxing treatment can alleviate redness, reduce the likeliness of acne or injury.




Waxing trends 2021 are all about keeping it clean and emphasizing good skincare. Since many of us are already there, it will be imperative to hype what you do to your clients via education, website service descriptions, and social media posts. After a year of DIY beauty, clients are savvier and more knowledgeable than ever. Meet them where they’re at and boost your moves in these areas. If you do,  you won’t just master this year’s waxing trends; you’ll enhance the client experience, their loyalty, and your sales! 

Which waxing trends do you think you’ll implement for 2021 and which one do you already offer? Share in the comments section of our Facebook group, The World of Waxing!, and join the conversation by staying connected with your #StarpilFam!  

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