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How to Have the Best Website for Your Waxing Salon in 2021

For some of us, the thought of building your own website can be overwhelming. Still, the importance of having a salon site should outweigh any apprehension toward creating one because it can be a big win for your waxing businesses. Some may think that having an Instagram account is enough to let clients know about who you are, but they would be missing out on all a website has to offer; plus, they’d neglect a significant aspect of the client experience.

This article discusses the importance of beauty salon websites and how the best salon websites can make life easier for you and your client. Yes, building one can seem a bit daunting, but we’ll show you how to create a salon website that narrows down the information for a relatively simple website-building experience that will attract business and offer convenience for you and your clients. 


Your website is like your digital storefront that gives people a taste of what they can expect from your business. It may also be the first point of contact for many potential clients. This is the beginning of the salon experience for them, so just like your salon, your site needs to be the best representation of your brand.

Your site should be a comprehensive forum all about you and your salon. Some of the benefits of having a complete site are that potential clients can get your vibe right away and book or shop your retail with a click of a button. Any of the information they could get from calling is right there at their fingertips, making it so convenient for them to be a part of your client roster.



If you’ve landed on your branding, logo, and tone of voice, you can begin to figure out what your website should look like and what kind of text (called copy) you should have. The best salon websites should contain the following information. 

  • A bio about you and your salon
  • Information about what kinds of brands and products you use and carry. If you’re using quality waxing products, for example, let the world know which ones and why!
  • Detailed service descriptions that make people want to book with you.
  • Your location and parking information
  • Contact information
  • An online store where clients can purchase the products you recommend
  • Online booking
  • A portfolio
  • A blog
  • A review section for testimonials


Your bio should tell people a little bit about you or your team as a whole and a lot about your passion for waxing and skincare. You can give a little background on your history as a waxer (what makes you qualified), and what led you to open up your business. This can be where you keep your mission statement or vision to let people know what kind of service they can expect from you.



Many beauty salon websites don’t include this on their site but incorporating which brands and products you use and carry can be a platform for showcasing your expertise. If you have the best wax for sensitive skin or hard wax for coarse hair, letting people know can show how detailed you are. This section can also take people on a journey of your waxing process and give them some insight into the pampering they’ll receive from your style of hair removal. It even starts to sell the products you retail. Oh, yeah, and the more content you have, the more likely you will show up higher on a Google search result. (But more on that later.)


After your skin and hair consultation, we prep the skin with hand-selected products that address your specific needs to support skin before waxing.

We use the following Pre and Post-Wax Care Products:

For sensitive, mature or dry skin: The Starsoft Collection

Starsoft is made with neurosensory properties that help to reduce pain.

For sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin: The Starpil Calendula Collection

These products are made with calendula and tea tree oil to reduce bacteria and acne after waxing.

For normal skin types: Starpil Originals 

Bring skin back to center with calming actives that provide antioxidants, hydration, and skin support before and after hair removal.

Having content like this for the wax or any product you use can also be a game-changer! If you use different wax for facial, intimate, or body waxing, let clients know this and why.


Just like with your product descriptions, having detailed service descriptions or even a one-liner can set you apart from even the best salon websites. You can even put your services into categories and limit having to write copy for each service. But if you provide exemplary brow services, it’s wise to indicate how and why.


Category Description

Body Waxing Services 

We create a tailor-made hair removal session around your specific skin and hair types and concerns. We carry specialty waxes and specific pre and post-wax care that makes waxing less painful and skin feel smoother with longer-lasting results.

Individual Service Description

Brow Sculpt

After we prepare the skin, we meticulously measure your specific facial structure to ensure that your brows are enhancing your look. We then apply Pink Soft Wax to remove hair gently for flawless definition and perfectly sculpted brows.



Have a section that provides all of your location information, including a map and all parking information is key. What will they need for parking? Do you validate? Put it all on this section of your site.


Make getting in touch with you easy. Even if you have a contact form available, provide your email address and salon phone number in this area.




Now, more than ever, you need an online store. If you retail products, having them online can make selling products so much easier. Even if they don’t buy online, an online store lets clients see what you’ve got going on so that they may inquire with you about them at their next appointment. 


In a digital age, online booking is expected. It’s so much easier to see your schedule laid out before their eyes. This service also provides your front desk person (or you) with less page-turning trying to squeeze someone in. Clients can see in black and white what’s possible; no phone call required.


Having references or reviews from clients regarding their experiences with you can be magic. Allow potential clients to see for themselves what an experience with you is like. This automatically can help build trust in an apprehensive, first-time Brazilian wax client, or an unsure brow client.


If you have some stellar before and after photos, it might not hurt to include them on your site. Even better if you have your Instagram account linked to your website so that the images you post there are automatically posted on your site. Speaking of social media, make sure that you have social media icons linked and visible on your home page.



Once you’ve determined what you want on your site, here’s where you might want to hire some help or decide to work on it yourself. Either way, you’ll still need to take the following steps to build a great site. 


  1. Check out other successful salon websites.
  2. Land on a domain name (your salon’s web address).
  3. Pick a website building platform.
  4. Build the layout of your website.
  5. Input all of the vital info mentioned above.
  6. Make your salon’s website visible in search engines.

Step 1. Look at Your Competitor’s Websites

Take a look at what your competitors are doing for inspiration. Make notes about what you like and what you don’t. How are they saying things? Does their site make you curious about their services? Is it enticing? Are things spelled correctly, organized well, and informative. While you don’t want to copy others, looking at your competitors’ sites can be a strong effort toward building yours.

Step 2. Choosing Your Name

The first thing that you should consider before starting your website is your domain name. Your domain should align with your social media handles and match your salon’s name as much as possible. Your domain name should be easy to say, spell, and remember. Avoid excessive numbers, letters, and characters. Your domain name has to be original so that when you try to register it, it’s not already taken. Be sure that you don’t use words or phrases that are trademarked by other companies.

Step 3. Find the Perfect Host

If you’ve registered your domain name, you can now find a place to host your site. One of the most popular website hosting platforms is You can also use your website builder to host as many of them provide hosting services.

Step 4. Choose Your Website Building Platform

If you have some HTML coding skills and a passion for building websites, feel free to move forward designing your site. If not, there are plenty of website building templates that fit a salon aesthetic. You would just need to upload and write your content into the correct spaces or direct your website developer to do so. 

Popular Website Building Platforms 


Step 5. Input Information

Hopefully, you’ve already mapped out where all of the copy, photos, and videos (if any) are going to go. Make sure that the site is well organized and easy to navigate.

Bonus Step 6: Search Engine Optimization

Get found with SEO


If you haven’t heard of SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. When you “Google something” and get your results, most of us stick to the results’ first page. These sites are ranked highest and usually have good SEO, which means they’ve used keywords (popular words used to search for things) throughout the site. When someone searches “best wax salon in Tulsa,” and your site has that copy on your site, it might rank high and be among salons on the first page of the search results.

There’s a ton more to SEO than that, but it’s definitely something to look into further.


Yes, a website can be a lot, but when you start looking at your competitors’ websites, you may see how they rose to the challenge or not. Not everyone is going to put that much effort into their site, which is why creating a robust salon website can be an excellent opportunity to stand out from the rest while enhancing the client experience before they even step in your salon.

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